Sunday, December 1, 2013

Look Whoooo Is Two!

 Sweet Pea is 2 (on Wednesday).  We celebrated today.  She was very excited about cake.

 She didn't know what presents were, and didn't really mess with them.  However, now she knows what they are and when the Christmas ones come out it could get interesting!

 I sat her on the table pre-party to get some pictures of her with the cake.  We had a family from church over to celebrate, along with my parents, and I knew that she'd be too excited and distracted after everyone arrived.

 The problem is she continued to climb on the table the rest of the evening.

 I chose "look WHOOOO is two" as her theme last winter.  I just thought it would be different and fun.  Thanks to Pinterest it was really easy to do.

 She didn't blow out the candles...she kept making blowing sounds but nothing productive.
 My mom made a beautiful owl bib that is reversable for her.  Bibs are always needed and well used at our house.

These are our Christmas trees.  The biggest one is our tree in the living room, the middle sized one is for the basement.  The littlest one was ours when we first got married in our little apartment.  I think it will also be in the basement this year.  Tomorrow the felt owls and streamers will come down and the regular stuff will go up.  Birthday trees were fun though.

I'll measure Sweet Pea on her birthday and then add those stats here so I don't forget them :o)