Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

Anyone want to guess how this happened? Anyone want to guess what I made him for lunch? Anyone want to guess what is going through his mind?

Anyone want to guess how much I love these two?

Photography Class

This is my photography class.
This is a picture I took after my photography class.

This is another picture I took after class.
What did I learn today? I really am not sure. I'll go back next month and see if perhaps I am a better student...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Funny Pages

Hello Friday! Is it really Friday? I can't tell because I keep track of the days by what Draycare is doing. Monday is pancakes and stay at home day, Tuesday Mother Hen goes to school, Wednesday is waffles & often a playdate, Thursday Mother Hen goes to school and we have Toddler Time at the library. I know it is Friday when we all go to playgroup together.
However, this week was a s follows: Monday I had all the kids here, barely slapped pancakes on their little plates, and hated every minute of it. Horrible day. The worst. Wanted to quit Draycare and quit being a mom and climb in a hold. Tuesday-snow day, Wednesday-snow day, Thursday-snow day, Friday-snow day. If I had known Monday what I know now...I might have had a better day. Or worse. Who knows!
To get out of the house, before one of us killed the other or Snug officially learned how to climb walls, we all ventured out and went to the gym (our local HS gym) with #1 while he did his daily workout. Snug and I passed a soccer ball and did chin ups (him, not me) while Baby J slept. Then when #1 had to go into work, he dropped us by the library (next to the police station). It felt very very good to get out and about!
About the funniest thing this week was that Snug has another alter ego. Occasionally, usually after a bath, SuperBoy makes a guest appearance. I guess that gets old after awhile I suppose, so I present to you: Bulldozer Boy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Pictures

Opposites Attract

I will be posting some fun pictures from yesterday's snow play later...I think I'm going to do a slideshow. We'll see.
I am never at a loss for blog material. I mean, Snug burned burned his hand yesterday while crawling on the table to get himself a piece of corn bread. He has this nasty almost dime sized blister on his hand now. We have done all we can to keep him from 'helping himself' to food on the table because we feel it is rude, but I think often this boy has to learn for himself.
We have had 3 days off from school (well, for me from Draycare) in a row. Goodbye paycheck! However, we had a great day outside yesterday...and we needed it. We haven't been out of the house in too long.
I could also blog about #1 getting the van stuck half in the road half in our driveway today...literally hung up on a snowbank. He was on his way to the doctor. Our next door neighbor came out to help him dig out. They couldn't get it. He asked me to come drive while they pushed because that is safe on ice. I had to put on my boots and snowpants because it was stuck in a pile that was deeper than my knees (the snowplow plowed us into our driveway). I of course snapped a picture first...but about 3 minutes too early. As I got to the bottom of the driveway one of #1's bosses stopped (he was off duty) with his son, and then two cruisers also stopped-they ended up needing to direct traffic around our mess. I was snickering just a tad...not because we were stuck, but just because I'm sure the neighbors were loving the scene just outside their windows...they must be as bored as we are and this was entertainment at its finest!
However, I'm not going to further discuss any of these items...I am going to tell you how opposites can indeed attract.
I grew up with lots of family around and I loved it. I never had any sisters (I do have a great sister-in-law now) but I did have two cousins who I considered like sisters and good friends. One of them is my cousin Melissa. When I read her "25 things about me" post, which is a popular post right now on Blogger/Facebook/MySpace I had to laugh a little. How do 2 such opposites attract? We talk via phone/text/or blog almost daily, and always weekly. Keep in mind, these are my opinions and her opinions.
First, read her post here.
Now read my answers...and then wonder how such opposites attract!
1. I hate LOST. There is a tie between that and HEROES as in which one I'd rather not watch.
2. I have never watched Party of 5...not even sure what it is. And we don't have cable...because I think it is a waste of time/money/bunch of junk on. I have 7 channels with stuff I don't want to watch or watch too much of...why would I pay for more?
3. Never heard of this...
4. I don't watch soap operas...ever...enough said
5. I have no trouble losing baby weight...I weigh less today than the day I got pregnant with either of my boys...I have trouble losing weight after I stop nursing. I gained more after stopping with Snug than I did while I was pregnant with him.
6. I have no idea what our house is worth, I'm not sure I care...and I kinda want to live here forever (unless we move to a bunch of land and build with our next door neighbors...isn't gonna happen though)
7. I don't ever want to go to Vegas. The only reason I'd ever go was to be part of a ride along on COPS, because good stuff happens on COPS in Vegas. (see what I mean by junk on TV? Who watches people get arrested for fun?)
8. Ok here we get a bit more similar...I also love to wear sweats. Although I don't normally wear my PJ's all day, I have been known to get dressed for the next day and then easily roll out of bed the next morning if I have Draycare kids coming early :o)
9. Most of the time, besides toys, my house is clean. It kinda has to be with a home business. I HATE having a disorganized or messy house. Although it gets that way daily, it also gets cleaned daily. I love having people over and will find excuses to have people over. My kids have to pick up all their toys in between each activity when the daycare kids are here...I'm more lenient on the weekends. Messy House=Me Stressed
10. Although Snug and Baby J (who eats 90% organic) eat healthy, our whole family strives to. We have pizza and I eat raw cookie dough on occasion, but overall we are trying so so hard to eat as healthy as possible. McDonald's actually sounds gross.
11. I would like to get rid of our TV, but #1 loves sports (ok, I enjoy some too) and I have it on at night while I do stuff because it makes me feel safer to have noise.
12. I don't go to MOPS. Our church has a Tuesday morning Bible study with childcare, but I feel a tad guilty about having someone else watch kids I'm being paid to watch so I don't go. There is a MOPS chapter that meets in the evening, but the leader is the daughter-in-law of an old boss of mine who I was always less than impressed with (both boss and daughter-in-law). I'm not sure I could take her leadership very seriously.
13. Um...I live in a different state so of course we don't attend the same church. I've actually been at my church a TON lately (besides when Baby J had RSV) due to the new building and work involved with that.
14. I have two dogs and a cat that I love. Ok, I love the dogs, the cat is ok. He is a good cat...but he hasn't been using the litter box and so the dogs have been eating it...well, you get it. But I love my pets and love having pets...probably would have more if #1 would let me.
15. Um...some people might not think our dogs are great but I still love them...and unlike her dog, mine shed 9 months a year...drastically shed.
16. I also have a child who refuses to have a BM in his diapers. He actually waits for me to be changing him, and then he goes. This has been the trend for about 3 weeks. My two year old isn't in diapers except at night, and he is in a size ? Honestly I don't know.
17. I (usually) love to cook. I love cooking from scratch. I like to plan a menu, I do it once a week. I do however want help in what to make because otherwise I find myself repeating the same things over and over. I hate dishes. Period.
18. I love my dogs because even if I don't have any time for them, which I rarely do, they still love me to pieces!
19. I have high anxiety levels with or without my kids. Not sure how to answer this.
20. I concur with her on this point 100%
21. Although being a mom is one of the best things that has happened to me, my son never ever says "I love you momma" unless I make him repeat it word by word, and then he usually says "NOOOO" at the end. Nice.
22. I am trying very hard not to drink any pop and I NEVER EVER drink diet pop because the aspartame is so so so so so so so bad for you. Just eat a tablespoon of sugar...that is better for you than a teaspoon of aspartame.
23. I hope my blog is never as popular as MckMama or CFHusband. Then I'd feel super self-conscious about what I write and I'm sure I'd offend people daily. They can have their fame, I love MckMama's blog though and it makes me smile.
24. My mom didn't even know what a blog was when I started it. She reads it for the pics of her grandkids (coming soon, when the kids are in bed...I promise...naptime is being taken up by this insane idea I had instead...sorry)
25. Again, not anything I can say here because, well, if you followed the instructions and read hers first...there is nothing for me to say here :o)

So opposites attract. But we have similarities too, besides being blood related.
We grew up quite near each other, even went to the same school through HS.
We played softball played I mean that I attended and sat on the bench and she was awesome!
We were in choirs together
We attended the same church
Our boys are within a couple of months in age of each other
Our husbands both work for emergency services
We both believe that nursing our babies is very important
We both love Jesus and know him as our savior (she was at summer camp the same week I became a believer)
So here is to you Mitt! Love you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few Words For Wednesday

Want something good for your kids media-wise to digest? Go to
From the makers of Veggie Tales! I've only spent about 30 minutes on the site, but it was pretty good. Haven't tried it out on Snug yet seems how amount of TV consumed=behavior problems...doesn't seem to matter if what he is watching is good or bad...just the amount of screen time. Anyway, I hope some of you check it out, it is worthwhile! Let me know what you think!
*Rutledges, I know you read this sometimes...your granddaughter did a great job today in her jellytelly clip!

Enough words...Wednesdays are supposed to be wordless see post below

Worldless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guess Who's Getting Big?

We have noticed in the last couple of days this little guys seems heavier. Thursday I may send him with daddy to get weighed at his appointment. We got some "just can't pick which are our favorite" pictures taken at Picture Me Portrait studio today. Happy 7 month birthday Baby J!
****I will be plugging this for a LONG time...but here is my first plug. If you have boys, are pregnant with a boy, or know someone who has boys, you NEED to be reading "bringing up BOYS" by Dr. James Dobson. I am talking starting tomorrow. Please get a copy. Get it from the library...get it on amazon...get it from a Christian bookstore...just get it. You need to read it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not brush off tons of pieces of enchilada left strewn on the table from Snug and then call the dogs in to clean it up...not me.

I did not get a relieved/giddy feeling when the nice lady who helps to run Snug's class on Wednesday night came and got another mom because her kid had a potty accident, and for once it wasn't me. I did not feel totally terrible not even ten minutes later when it was me called out because Snug had a potty incident also. (I say incident because he did go in the potty...but also out of the potty) I am going to have to train toddler workers how to help little boys on the potty because the same thing happened again at church on Sunday.

I did not tear up just a tad today as my 2 year old marched himself into his new classroom and posed for a quick picture. I just feel like God is really blessing our church and I hope he finds me worthy of serving there.

I did not serve popcorn for dinner. #1 was totally ok with it as he wasn't very hungry either. That is my kind of Sunday night dinner!

I did not start brushing my teeth today...think something wasn't quite right, and then discover I was using my husband's toothbrush...maybe because I was so tired (the boys were up multiple times again last night...I forgot to give Baby J solids for dinner due to us just having popcorn so he was hungry all night, and Snug had a piece of candy...and well...there is more than just the health aspect to why he doesn't get candy).

I do not now have to brush the teeth of two of my Draycare kids every morning. Clearly I don't have enough to do already :o) I just fit it into the schedule...

I did not have to replace my blog counter. My other one died about a month ago...when I was moving things around and I couldn't revive it. I was at 3,000 something, so I just started the new one at 3,000. It isn't really accurate anyway because it counts ME as a visitor each time I log on, it started in October, and I have had a blog since April, and it was down for a month. Oh well. I really don't need it anyway, it just helps give me a good idea how many of you are out there...some of you show up on my blogfrog...but MOST of you do not. Those are just people who I follow their blogs, or people find me from their blogs.

Thank you to everyone who gave us advice on the heater. We still are not sure what we are going to do. We are leaning a little towards insulating our house, but we're not sure how much that will cost. After further research and your comments we're not sure the heater would help where we need the most help-our bedrooms. They are the coldest and they really do need to have their doors closed (especially our bedroom) for a majority of the day. We also do not want our bedroom doors open all night because if there was to be a fire, you have a higher probability of surviving (while sleeping) if the doors are closed. It buys you a few precious extra seconds by acting as a buffer between you and the flames/smoke. Toxic smoke kills more people than actual flames. We are cold in the main part of the house often too, and the heater would help that, but the bedrooms would get even colder. What a conundrum :o) Thanks for all your help! Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Help Help Please!

I need some help today. Our heating and electricity bills are climbing climbing climbing. Our heat bill has always been poor in the winter, due mostly to the fact that while redoing the bathroom we discovered there is no insulation in our house...cute, huh? I thought so.

Our electricity bill is climbing because I use 3 (safe, I am very very safe) space heaters to heat 3 spaces that would otherwise be...well...misreable. However, they are really expensive to operate. I can't even turn up the heat, because the rest of the house could be 80 and those areas would maybe be 65 if we were lucky. Our bedrooms are literally in the 50's all winter long. The boys' room is a tad warmer than ours...but not much. It is better if we leave the doors open but our bedroom door remains closed, even often locked because of my husband's profession. We really don't want the daycare kids in the boys' room playing -plus that is where Baby J is sleeping quite often. SO, space heaters it is (again, I assure you we know lots of firemen and we are safe).
One of the guys #1 works with has purchased a quartz infared heater. Does anyone know anything about these? We've heard and read rave reviews...but I am kinda skeptical. How exactly does a machine that doesn't get hot heat 1,000 sq feet? What exactly is it doing? Is it harmful? Is it cancer causing? Personally I am cold 99.9% of the time, that .1% being only warm in the middle of I'm all for something that will save us money (it claims to, and we've had testimony that it will pay for itself within a couple of months) and keep me warm.
Please Please let me know if you know anything about this...or know anyone who might...or think you know someone who might...because I need help here!

Here is one website we are looking at for those of you who are as clueless as I and have no idea what I am even talking about!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Funny Pages/Playgroup

Is it really Friday already? It seems like on Tuesdays I can't seem to see the weekend coming, and then BAM here it is!
Care to join in the Friday fun? Go to Melissa's page and record your funny stuff!

While I was doing laundry in the basement, Snug found a clump of dog hair. He ran it over to me and said "Look! Chesser Lucy Mamma!" Someone needs to sweep :o)

Another dog funny. Our dog Chester was barking about something today in the backyard and Snug came running to me and say "Chester burped...he burping".

My final funny I posted with my snowman post. Our snowmen were melting and while Mother Hen was dismayed and told us that they were, indeed, melting. Snug was quite happy and adamant that they were indeed not melting, but "jumping around".

Mother Hen often likes to tell us that Baby J is "piling (smiling) at me". Today she was "pelling (smelling) his head" after his bath. So cute.

Ahhh, my days...if only I'd stop and write down all the things the kids say...I'd have a book!

Today was the first playgroup in the new building! I posted a few days ago about the dedication ceremony. Here is a view of the outside.
Someone likes the new playroom...
There were grins from ear to ear...
And lots of room to run!
This is the inside of the bouncy house. Snug liked this the best.
The moms even got to get in on the action! I could hardly get a shot of this cutie (I am not using names unless the moms give me permission) because she was on the move!

Ok, I may have lied about the bouncy house being Snug's favorite...he also loved this baby stroller that was brought in. He didn't make this shot, amazingly. See the clear doors in the background? They can be open or closed. We chose closed because, well, we had 11 kids under 5 in there today!
The roller coasters are also a hit. Someone had the thought to make them run into the bouncy house and the kids think that is a great way to end the ride!
This shot shows another view of the room. Personally I love that I got to try all the new toys :o)
You may wonder where Baby J was. He still has a tiny cold, and being rather scared of another bout with RSV, he went with daddy to work out. However, that backfired. He works out at the local HS workout room, and when a gym class came in, he was the center of attention in his pumpkin seat...a hit with all the girls. Ah well. They didn't touch him at least. I can't keep him in forever, but I really am so terrified that he will get sick again and lose more weight.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

This post is part of "Hi/Lo Thursday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Hi/Lo" posts.

Have you seen my "Abby" button? If you haven't, please click and pray.

Hi: New Children's building opening at church

Low: Firing our pediatrician

We're Having a Heatwave

What a day! Just when I think we can't fit another thing in, we do. I didn't have Little M today so I took on my friend's son Kyle. R, or as I've decided to call her "Mother Hen" didn't have preschool today, so leaving Baby J home (he is fighting a tiny cold himself) I took Mother Hen, Snug, E, and Kyle to the library. Getting them all in and out of the van never ceases to be an adventure. We have a great room off the side of the children's area that is used for 'toddler time' and afterwards there is a great collection of toys for the kids to use. Not just any toys, Plan Toys, Haba, and Learning Resource to name a few!
I tweeted that we were outside during nap time, which I'm pretty rigid about, but there was an explanation. Right before I got everyone's snow suits completely zipped (and then unzipped with runs to the bathroom) #1 called to tell me his Blazer had died and we needed to come rescue him. Now I did mention we were having a heat wave, right? We had a high of 40 and it was you can imagine how comfy we were in the van with out warmest winter attire on :o)
After we returned from rescuing the Blazer and #1 everyone got to spend some time in the snow slush. Enjoy these pictures!

This is our joint creation.

Tye Dye is sunning himself in the afternoon heat.
This was the first 'snowman' snow we've has been too cold and fluffy to pack until now. Today it almost melted in your mittens!

Little Miss E. did not want to wear her mittens, but so sorry, this is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship and when one plays in the snow she does wear mittens.

Snow Angel
Snug took a quick bite of snow and I snapped the shot before making him spit it out. We live on a busy street, have 3 pets, and countless people walking in our front yard. Our snow is not edible.
This is the snowman that Snug built by himself. Ok, ok, he had a little help, but he did most of the work, and all of the decorating. He said his(?) name was "Big" and sang "Happy To You" and blew out the stick candles several times.
The middle snowman was fashioned by Mother Hen. I have some good Friday Funny Pages about her for tomorrow.
So after a much needed nap (and only 20 minutes late I may add!) the kids woke up to this scene. Mother Hen was really upset to find that they were melting. Snug firmly disagreed and announced that they were "Jumping Around". I really don't know where he comes up with this stuff.
And to celebrate our heatwave, we made some lovely coffee filter know, because it was so cold today! Hope your Thursday was as great as ours...if not a bit less busy.
**side note...totally unrelated...tangent in the happening...
We checked out a book with Elmo and babies and I was so pleased to notice, published in 2007, all the babies featured were cloth diapered! That is very rare to see in any form of media.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Visit To The Hospital

Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails, left messages, called our house, or replied to my tweets (and yes, I am pretty sure now I am using the correct terminology for that) about Baby J's testing at Children's yesterday. My parents were still here helping with our bathroom so I didn't take the time to post last night. Speaking of our bathroom, the trim is up and it is now up to me to get it sanded, holes filled, and painted. In my free time, right? The trim looks great, and I want to thank my dad again for all his hard work, and my mom for helping with the boys.
Here is how Baby J spent about 40 minutes yesterday at the hospital. This is the life. All cuddled up with his monkey being toted around in a wagon. I didn't realize until later that they had Dayton Police themed wagons or I surely would have picked one of those. Oh well, this one did the trick. He is "sweating" (thus the layers of clothing and blankets) into a small device that checks for cystic fibrosis.

I'm sure if he could speak he'd say "See? See what they are doing to me?". I snapped his photo quick and then stuck his arm back down to sweat a little more. He was pretty sleepy during the entire procedure. I'm not very medically minded, but I'll describe it for those of you who are interested. I nursed him while a lady put two electrodes on his arm to 'stimulate' the area. When she was done, she put this circle thing with a tiny tube coiled in it on a velcro band on his arm. This was covered by a piece of plastic to make him sweat more, and then wrapped in this cool dino wrap. He almost had pink with purple hearts, but she found the masculine one just in time. No one would have noticed though as it was covered by his shirtsleeves/Bundle Me/taggie/fleece blanket. When the test was done, she removed the tiny tube which now was partly filled with a blue liquid (an indicator of how much had been collected) and capped both ends of the tube with push pins...yep, office grade push pins! Then it was sent off to the lab.

Then came the taking of the blood. Among the things I can remember off hand, he was being tested for anemia, thyroid, glucose, calcium level, and platelets. We got a call today that all tests came back negative (as in positive news...that gets kinda confusing for me, I always have to ask, "so do they have it or no?"). You can see his cute bandaids here. He SCREAMED through the blood procedure but then was fine as soon as it was over.
No harm done. Just waiting to grow :o) His motor skills have just taken off lately. My parents saw a huge difference in him between now and two weeks ago. He rolls from his tummy to his back both directions, grasps even small toys and brings them to his mouth, pushes up on his tummy to look around, and is trying to "sit up" when we are holding him laying down.
Thanks for all the prayers!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Join me and the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of others who do a Not Me! Monday post with MckMama of My Charming Kids and admit all the wonderful things you do as a mother that shouldn't do...or didn't mean to do...or were too tired to care that you did!

I did not let the laundry get away from me this week.

I did not use disposable diapers frequently in the thick of things when Baby J was having weight gain problems...I love cloth diapers!

I most certainly did not get really disappointed I didn't win the Miracle Blanket in the "name that photo contest" last week...but I've found one on's hoping it comes my way.

I did not get super excited and excitedly tell #1 when I got an honorable mention in the Miracle Blanket contest. He did not make fun of me...look at what I had written, and then decide that I should have in fact been the winner (in his opinion)!

I do not enjoy using twitter and leaving messages on my blog all day long. If you want to follow me on twitter, click "follow me on twitter" on the right hand side of the blog.

I do not need to go get some things done and stop blogging because my husband and dad are working on my bathroom and my mom is entertaining Snug (Baby J is sleeping).

***Please pray for Baby J's testing today at Children's Hospital.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Faircreek Children's Ministry

Today was the day! The day we have been waiting for! If you follow me on Twitter, or look at the right hand side of my blog, I've been tweeting, twittering, me here people...about the progress. TODAY the building was officially opened. God has certainly blessed us. My dad took some pictures today (they are here this weekend to do some more work on the bathroom) and I'll share them here with you. Although the new building is wonderful, we are most looking forward to ministering to children and telling them about God's love for them. We could do that in a cardboard box, but we are so glad God chose to let us do it in this beautiful facility!

Pastor Greg talking about how God is
working in the lives of people at our church. We had about 20 minutes of praise and worship followed by a short message. You are looking at our auditorium/gymnasium. Our nurseries through age 4 were also located in this building.

This is the line of people waiting to go through our old k-5 building(s). It was four modulars hooked together.

This is the inside of one of the modulars. I'm not for sure how many kids we have each week in these buildings, but I don't think 100 would be an overestimate.

Snug standing in the new entrance way for the new building. After the short service in the auditorium and the tour of the old children's facilities, we all walked into the new facility for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I think there are so many windows in the new building because the modulars were cramped and darkish. :O)

Looking from the foyer into the children's rooms. Those of you who went to Cedarville can play a little EYE SPY and spot Mr. Dicuirci, our music minister.

This is a pictureup on the wall in the you see a handsome boy?

Looking at the new foyer.

There are 2 gathering type places in the foyer and this is the wall of one of them...can I take this stuff and put it in my livingroom please?

Baby J and I in the same "gathering area". He was snug as a bug in his sling for the morning.

Other than a terrific shot of the back of my head you can see right into the children's area. On the right is one of the many murals that are so neat. To the right is a playplace and bouncy house and arcade. Straight ahead is the 'Family Theatre' where the k-5 will meet. To the left are the 2 nurseries, 2, 3, and 4 year old rooms and a nursing mom's room (Baby J and I got to use it yesterday when we were helping move in).

Snug and "Bama" (Grandmommy) waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Snug and Pop Pop touring the new building.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony and prayer time, we had more praise and worship in the "Family Theatre". There are walls that pull across to make it all smaller, or it is this big auditorium.

You can't see really well, but this is a shot of all the staff and children's workers together on stage. Probably between 75 and 100 were up there. You can't see me, I'm on the far left on the stairs going onto the stage.

S. and L. belong to my friend Jen. Here they are coming down the bouncy house slide.

Sorry for the red eye, but here is Snug hanging out in the play room. He is sitting in this really cool blue bubble chair from IKEA. We actually saw Pastor Robb and Pastor Aaron there buying lots of the furniture for the new building. We got awesome glass jars with lids for our grains/beans/and pastas...I never even blogged about that great trip to IKEA because it was right as all the problems with Baby J started.
Thanks for taking a minute to share in our joy...we pray that God will use this building to further His kingdom.