Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Funny Pages

Hello Friday! Is it really Friday? I can't tell because I keep track of the days by what Draycare is doing. Monday is pancakes and stay at home day, Tuesday Mother Hen goes to school, Wednesday is waffles & often a playdate, Thursday Mother Hen goes to school and we have Toddler Time at the library. I know it is Friday when we all go to playgroup together.
However, this week was a s follows: Monday I had all the kids here, barely slapped pancakes on their little plates, and hated every minute of it. Horrible day. The worst. Wanted to quit Draycare and quit being a mom and climb in a hold. Tuesday-snow day, Wednesday-snow day, Thursday-snow day, Friday-snow day. If I had known Monday what I know now...I might have had a better day. Or worse. Who knows!
To get out of the house, before one of us killed the other or Snug officially learned how to climb walls, we all ventured out and went to the gym (our local HS gym) with #1 while he did his daily workout. Snug and I passed a soccer ball and did chin ups (him, not me) while Baby J slept. Then when #1 had to go into work, he dropped us by the library (next to the police station). It felt very very good to get out and about!
About the funniest thing this week was that Snug has another alter ego. Occasionally, usually after a bath, SuperBoy makes a guest appearance. I guess that gets old after awhile I suppose, so I present to you: Bulldozer Boy


MELISSA said...

That is freakin' hilarious! LOL

Jenney said...

Um, I should have picked up some baby stuff before I did this house is a wreck!

Kim said...

This was my very first sighting of "Bulldozer Boy", I can't even say I ever knew he existed!!! Thanks for sharing your special moments.
Oh yeah, about your comment about picking up things, quite worrying about it so much, you may have missed the idea of picking up the video camera.
Aunt Kim

Terri said...

hilarious! good job videotaping it despite thinking your house is a wreck. must be a *mom thing* because I always think that after taking a video (that or if I'm in it or talking in it *ugh I look/sound like a bum!*) ha ha Thanks for the comment on my site :)