Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Funny Pages/Playgroup

Is it really Friday already? It seems like on Tuesdays I can't seem to see the weekend coming, and then BAM here it is!
Care to join in the Friday fun? Go to Melissa's page and record your funny stuff!

While I was doing laundry in the basement, Snug found a clump of dog hair. He ran it over to me and said "Look! Chesser Lucy Mamma!" Someone needs to sweep :o)

Another dog funny. Our dog Chester was barking about something today in the backyard and Snug came running to me and say "Chester burped...he burping".

My final funny I posted with my snowman post. Our snowmen were melting and while Mother Hen was dismayed and told us that they were, indeed, melting. Snug was quite happy and adamant that they were indeed not melting, but "jumping around".

Mother Hen often likes to tell us that Baby J is "piling (smiling) at me". Today she was "pelling (smelling) his head" after his bath. So cute.

Ahhh, my days...if only I'd stop and write down all the things the kids say...I'd have a book!

Today was the first playgroup in the new building! I posted a few days ago about the dedication ceremony. Here is a view of the outside.
Someone likes the new playroom...
There were grins from ear to ear...
And lots of room to run!
This is the inside of the bouncy house. Snug liked this the best.
The moms even got to get in on the action! I could hardly get a shot of this cutie (I am not using names unless the moms give me permission) because she was on the move!

Ok, I may have lied about the bouncy house being Snug's favorite...he also loved this baby stroller that was brought in. He didn't make this shot, amazingly. See the clear doors in the background? They can be open or closed. We chose closed because, well, we had 11 kids under 5 in there today!
The roller coasters are also a hit. Someone had the thought to make them run into the bouncy house and the kids think that is a great way to end the ride!
This shot shows another view of the room. Personally I love that I got to try all the new toys :o)
You may wonder where Baby J was. He still has a tiny cold, and being rather scared of another bout with RSV, he went with daddy to work out. However, that backfired. He works out at the local HS workout room, and when a gym class came in, he was the center of attention in his pumpkin seat...a hit with all the girls. Ah well. They didn't touch him at least. I can't keep him in forever, but I really am so terrified that he will get sick again and lose more weight.

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