Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

First things first here people. Baby J gained 7 oz (apparently I received the wrong info and he had lost not 2 but 3 oz last Friday at his weight check) and is now 14lbs flat. They still want me to supplement, but I informed them that still wasn't happening. They were hoping for a 1 lb growth in 3 days, not just 7 oz. I pretty much was happy with 7 oz thanks. Not that I wouldn't have taken more, but really, 7 oz gain instead of no gain or a loss, well, I was happy. Later today I have an appointment with my new lactation consultant over at the hospital I had Baby J at.
My regular doctor wasn't there, which I was kinda glad for because sometimes it is easier to stand up to someone you don't particularly know. It was the same doctor who diagnosed both boys' ear infections a few weeks ago...she was more congenial today to say the least. I actually left kinda liking her. (She was the eye roller about cloth diapers)
And now to what I did not do this past week. Check out to see other people's wonderful parenting skills this week.
I did not try to get Baby J weighed with a semi-full diaper just for good measure. The nurse did not insist I change him two seconds before the big weigh in :o)
I was not sick with a terrible stomach bug Friday-Saturday and then watch as Snug and #1 also got the fun experience.
I did not throw away a board book I found in the bathroom because it had traces of vomit and urine on it and I totally didn't feel like cleaning it up. I think it was a freebie at a garage sale anyway...
I did not lose it when Snug hit the button on our dishwasher that turned on the heating element. I then did not have to throw away several plastic containers because they were getting burned up in the dishwasher. I don't heat plastic in the microwave or the dishwasher (other than regular hot soapy water).
I did not cook buttered macaroni for supper last night (remember when you used to do that for us dad?) and then make it all the more healthier by adding some fried chicken I found in the fridge. By the way, no idea if the chicken dropper-offers are readers or not, but that was VERY kind of you to bring it by on Friday when you knew #1 needed a meal. Thank you so much, we super appreciate it.
I did not get my dates mixed up and then forget to call my dad on his birthday. I still feel terrible about it, and the stomach bug was NOT a good excuse, especially since his birthday was Thursday, not Friday as I was thinking. Happy Birthday Pop Pop!
I did not totally ruin a fresh batch of rice cereal/avocado/hind milk by forgetting it was in the food warmer, not me!
I did not overhear a conversation between #1 and Snug this morning that went a little like this:
Snug: "Beer IS tumming"
#1: "No [Snug] its not coming, it isn't good to drink and drive"
Snug: blank stare
Nowadays Snug refers to his two bears as "beers" and the cop in my husband doesn't exploit it at all.


Deb said...

Yay! 7ounces!! Thats awesome! Young babies are supposed to gain an ounce a day for a while (until they slow down) so 7 in 3 days is good. I gotta say- a pound in that time is a pretty unreasonable goal. Unless he didnt poop at all. I'm so happy for you guys! I can only imagine what a huge relief this must be. Do you have to take him in again soon? Or are they going to let you be calm about it for a while?
And I can see your twitters now. It didnt even try to make me sign in. :)

Jenney said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that. Good thinking Deb. He does have to go back on Thursday and they expect even more than 7 oz. Nice, huh?

Lindsley said...

NIce work on the 7 ounces! Good job! Hopefully he'll stay on the upswing!

MelArcile said...

Good Job Baby J!! I'm glad that he's gaining. I hope that Thursday goes even better. Keep up the good work, Jenney. YOU know what's best for your baby!

Erin Morgan said...

Jenney - Is there a particular reason you don't want to supplement? I wasn't sure if you'd explained it previously... but I was just curious. I think that I might start doing the Not Me Monday! I think it is super fun!!

CrysRich said...

Yay for the weight gain!! :o)