Saturday, January 24, 2009

Help Help Please!

I need some help today. Our heating and electricity bills are climbing climbing climbing. Our heat bill has always been poor in the winter, due mostly to the fact that while redoing the bathroom we discovered there is no insulation in our house...cute, huh? I thought so.

Our electricity bill is climbing because I use 3 (safe, I am very very safe) space heaters to heat 3 spaces that would otherwise be...well...misreable. However, they are really expensive to operate. I can't even turn up the heat, because the rest of the house could be 80 and those areas would maybe be 65 if we were lucky. Our bedrooms are literally in the 50's all winter long. The boys' room is a tad warmer than ours...but not much. It is better if we leave the doors open but our bedroom door remains closed, even often locked because of my husband's profession. We really don't want the daycare kids in the boys' room playing -plus that is where Baby J is sleeping quite often. SO, space heaters it is (again, I assure you we know lots of firemen and we are safe).
One of the guys #1 works with has purchased a quartz infared heater. Does anyone know anything about these? We've heard and read rave reviews...but I am kinda skeptical. How exactly does a machine that doesn't get hot heat 1,000 sq feet? What exactly is it doing? Is it harmful? Is it cancer causing? Personally I am cold 99.9% of the time, that .1% being only warm in the middle of I'm all for something that will save us money (it claims to, and we've had testimony that it will pay for itself within a couple of months) and keep me warm.
Please Please let me know if you know anything about this...or know anyone who might...or think you know someone who might...because I need help here!

Here is one website we are looking at for those of you who are as clueless as I and have no idea what I am even talking about!


john powley said...

two sites to look at. don't know if they provide any more info than what you have already found. and

beccad said...

We use oil filled radiator heaters and we love them. They are safe around children because they do not get burning hot on the outside so they are safe to touch and if they tip over they will not catch on fire. You can get them at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, well just about any where I guess. They will really heat a room, in fact we are turning ours down more often than not because it gets so warm. We have one in my daughter's room and upstairs so we do not have to turn on the heat upstairs. I love them and they range from about $50 to $70. Good luck I hope you can save some money.

Jess said...

We have the EdenPure heater, and we love it! We close all our doors and turn off the vents, and just run that during the day towards the rooms we stay in. We think it is well worth it!

CrysRich said...

My in-laws have one and they love it. The kids climb on it and everything.

All Things Family said...

wish I could help...sorry you're so cold though!

Brenna's Mom said...

I know two people who have these, and as a matter of fact my husband and I just talked about getting one this morning! Our electric bill was almost $300 last month, and it's because we have to run a space heater to keep warm. Both people I know who have these love them. They say that is costs about $20 a month to run them. The one lady has a 1500 square foot first floor, and she said that as long as she leaves the doors open, it will keep that first floor warm. Her furnace hardly ever kicks on anymore. I'm sold! I'm planning on buying one. :)