Friday, January 16, 2009

16 Things You Might Not Know

Carrie tagged me in a post and I'm always up for a post idea. Heaven knows you all are probably tired of hearing my rants on weight checks and breastfeeding! I am to post 16 things most people do not know about me. In no particular order because I just wrote things throughout the day as I thought of goes...

1. I used to eat microwave popcorn for supper sometimes before I was married. #1 did away with that pronto.

2. I was on the first girl's cross country team my high school ever had, and the first one to run 4 years varsity. However, I was a terrible runner :o) My friend Megan though, she was GOOD!

3. I struggled with depression in college, and after Snug was born. Although it isn't something I talk about very much, I've been able to help some other people going through similar situations. When going through an awful time, it is good to remember that God can use everything to His glory.

4. I never painted my toenails until my senior year of college. I painted them for the first time in a car in the Upper Peninsula because I was going to a formal and had open toed shoes.

5. My mouth is too small for all of my teeth (but I do have a big mouth, I assure you!) and have had 8 permanent teeth removed to make room.

6. In college I loved N'Sync. As in owned all their CD's and had about 6 posters of them up in my dorm. (Lindsay, do you remember this???). Crazy.

7. When I left, and they still may be today, Cedarville had two rules on file because of me. One was that you must wear shoes of some sort in Chuck's. The other was that you may not keep Hermit Crabs (although for the life of me I can't figure out how they are so different from having a fish) in the dorms.

8. I didn't want to go to college, and wasn't crazy about going to Cedarville. I spent 4 years trying to graduate and get home. I now live 8 miles from Cedarville and have no plans of leaving.

9. I bite my cuticles...usually until they are really sore. And almost exclusively in church (Janelle and Christine I know you're going to be watching now!).

10. I love the Harry Potter books. While I obviously don't think that witches and warlocks are something to emulate, I do think that J.K. Rowling is an excellent author and has inspired many many children to read who would not otherwise have cracked a book. People ask me if I will let Snug and Baby J read her books. I seriously doubt they will even be popular by the time they are reading, but if they are, then when they are 10 or so we can read them together. I hesitate to even post about Harry because I realize he can be really controversial...but I've been pretty controversial here of late, so what is one more thing among friends?

11. My first kiss was at a summer camp. Seriously, I doubt hardly anyone knew that.

12 I became a believer at summer camp. I was 11 and my counselor made us question when we had made the personal decision. I honestly couldn't remember a time, although I grew up in a wonderful Christan home. That night I decided I wanted to make sure it was not just my parent's faith, but my own.

13. I have a deviated septum so I sneeze at least 4 times in a row, each time I sneeze. I've sneezed 11 times in a row...and I think that is my highest.

14. Snug got his name on this blog because...that's what we call him! I started calling him Snug when he was a few days old because he was so tiny and he just curled up and snuggled. Interestingly though, he never wanted to be rocked to sleep before bed until he was about 16 months old.

15. I can't remember why my cousin Katie and I were talking about diapers but I told her I would use cloth diapers. She probably had kids already by the time and thought I was crazy. I wasn't even out of high school at the time. I wonder if she even remembers that conversation...well, here I am probably 10-12 years later and I am not totally crazy, but I do use cloth diapers :o)

16. I hate controversy and confrontation. I don't handle it well, and it brings out the worst in me. I usually try to hide from it, and when I do face it I come out ungraceful and unhappy. I am trying to work on it. Blogging is kinda a cowards way to face things for me because it isn't face to face. I guess that is also why I write that I in no way intend to offend anyone when I post on things I am passionate about. I hate hurting people's feelings and hate when people are upset with me. I was kinda proud of myself and how I handled 'firing' our pediatrician yesterday. People pleaser anyone?


Kim said...

I had fun learning some new things about you, but I did know some of it. I chucked when I read about going off to college because I remember some of those "I do not want to go to Cedarville because my parents went there." Isn't God good?!! Love ya Sweetie,

Megan said...

I miss those cross country days! I think I did know a few of these (I think even #11, haha), but I was completely surprised by the NSync one! I really like Harry Potter too!

Lindsley said...

Nice...I didn't know most of these things..but then again, we are only blog friends :) We call Zaden Boosta...or Aboosta...not sure why I came up with that, but at some point when he was tiny we said it, and it eventually made him he's Boosta, Boost..Boostaboo...etc. And...I met my husband at a church camp...and we did kiss first kiss, however, was...distastefully enough, in the boys restroom of the church I went to growing a Christmas party...gross huh! If my kids do that, I'll kill them myself. And, lastly, I agree, that Harry Potter is not necessarily to be emulated...but I think it's very creative writing, and in my day care days with the Y, noticed LOTS of kids reading the HP books....I don't think a little imagination is an issue at all! I haven't read the books yet, but love the movies.

The Alburger Family said...

I totally remember the NSYNC posters!! I talk about it all the time :-) And all of the crazy times we had.

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Me too on the tooth thing! I had 8 molars pulled a few weeks before I got braces the first time. Ick!