Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A View From Our Zoo

Here is s peek into our zoo today...
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture? Seriously, what is 'off"?

This picture has a hint...if you look closely. Snug and Little M enjoying my old Viewmasters. Actually these may be garage sale finds that I used to use when I taught first grade. I think ours were red...Please excuse the mess of toys in the background. I hate when they are disorganized, but then I have to stand back and say, um, this IS a home daycare so there ARE going to be some disorganized/piled toy messes going on.

The box is now standing upright in the basement and a hidey-hole for the kids. I however can look over the top and make sure everything inside is legit.

Or I can peek in the bottom and see. (Look at those baby blues!)

I guess I just kinda thought Snug needed some 'post' time today because Baby J has had tons lately. This is my favorite recent picture. My headbands have been adorning Snug's head and neck quite a bit lately. Quite the fashion statement, don't you think? These Buzz Lightyear jammies make me laugh. They are hand-me-downs and he hasn't a clue who Buzz even is. He loves to wear them though, and doesn't want to take them off. Again with the eyes there kiddo...love them :o)


Lindsley said...

nice pics! He's starting to look like a big boy!

MELISSA said...

Hahaha maybe he likes to think he's standing on his head :). So cute - I bet they love that box! I'm partial to baby blues too :)

Kim said...

I sure enjoy the pictures - Snug is getting so big. Why would we care if he is looking at the View Master up side right or us side down? If he was enjoying it - that's all that matters.
Love ya,