Sunday, January 11, 2009


**Update on the Update**
I think I fixed it so that the tweets, twitters, twits, whatever are visible now. For those of you who are wondering, they come in from my cell to the blog via text, huh? Free therapy on the go :o)
So I guess everyone has to sign in to see my twitters...anyone know how I can turn that off? If not, if you want to read what I post off-computer, set up a twitter account and sign in :o)
*Original Post*
I have to do a special sign-in to see my twitter thing on my side bar...can everyone else see it? I've never twittered...tweeted...twitted...before. Am I now a twit because I have twitter...? Oh, you know me, Miss Technology. I just figured it was a good way to post stuff when I don't have time to post or am away from my computer. Like when I am sitting at the pediatrician's tomorrow with 4 children (2 not my own) tomorrow super nervous about Baby J's weight check...Ah, look I wrote the word "tomorrow" twice in that sentence, because seriously I am nervous. Cast all your cares on Him becuase He cares for you...and He cares for my kids more than even #1 or I can. Now that is peace isn't it?

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The Alburger Family said...

About the twitter: it asks me to sign into twitter each time I go to look at your blog.

About the Dr apt: I'm praying that J is above the weight that they want. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Tell #1 hi from us.