Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Hint...

Lots of great guesses, but not quite there. I will re-word the question: Can you guess in what Baby J slept last night...that might help. He was in our room, which isn't normal, but that is the closest anyone has come.
Oh goodness the things I could blog tonight, and I still need to get my EYE SPY up. I could possibly blog about how Snug is so excited to have the Draycare kids back he has been screaming like a little girl when they arrive.
I could blog about going to Wal-Mart for a few simple items and standing in line for 10 minutes. Nothing new there, but the lady behind me was killing me. She had 3 Santa toys. She kept showing them to me asking if I didn't think they were so cute and had I seen them at Christmastime because she had not. I finally politely said it was nice that they were probably on clearance, and she looked confused and told me she hadn't looked at how much they cost. Then she started loudly asking "What the *%$# is the hold up here???" I always get interesting people to stand by. I of course was in the self-check out line where everyone was having problems (and yes mom, the SPEEDY check out lady from the other day was the one now running the SELF check-out, and no, she wasn't any speedier at that post).
I could also blog about how much fun Snug had in the snow tonight as he delivered his thank you notes to various neighbors for Christmas presents and how he bawled when it was time to go inside...but I"ll post pics on that another time. For now, I will just give you the hint that although he was in our bedroom last night, that is not the answer I am looking for. I bet you all are just a basketcase that this is taking so long!

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