Monday, January 12, 2009

More On The Same...Bored Yet?

Still no pictures, we just have been so crazy tired and busy, and I'm actually getting ready to go to bed as I type. Just a quick update and an answer to a question.

I went to a lactation consultant where I delivered both of my boys. It is a really good hospital, many people claim the best in the area. She and her supervisor were both pretty convinced the Baby J's dimply hands and rolly thighs are testament that he is not starving. After weighing him in, watching a complete feeding, asking lots of questions, and re-weighing him they deemed that he is eating well, eating enough, and frustrated with me for trying to push so much into him so fast. Enough for me. After Thursday's weigh in at the doctor (where I am confident he will have gained again) we are done with this.

Erin asked a question last post about why I don't want to supplement, that I really think is a fair question. Snug was breastfed until he was 6 months, 8 days old and then went straight to formula. I do not think I was a bad mom for putting him on formula, just not a very informed one. I guess I see it as I have done it both ways and know which one I prefer, and think is best for my babies.

I've done a lot of research, and if you want to see one of my favorite sites, go to HERE. This lists many many benefits. Mine include these:

1. Health benefits overall
Babies who are nursed exclusively have a proven decreased risk of diabetes, obesity, and girls who are nursed exclusively are much less likely to have breast cancer.
Moms who breastfeed have a decreased risk of breast cancer
Breastmilk is the perfect remedy for bowel and stomach problems in babies. Trust me, between #1 and myself, any help in steady, healthy, digestion is needed! Baby J has never had a problem in this area except when he has been on formula.

2. Nutrition benefits
A mother's milk changes daily, even feeding to feeding, according to her individual child's need.
Mother's milk has 100% of what a baby needs. I do give Poly-Vi-Sol because there is some debate on whether or not if has exactly enough iron, and it can't hurt him anyway.

3. Constipation
When Baby J has been given formula, and he has on two separate occasions for differing reasons, he has had constipation-painful, crying, not-fun-at-all constipation. While nursed without formula, this has never been a problem.

4. We are the only species that gives our babies milk from another species. God made women to be able to feed their babies. If I am able, why wouldn't I? It was how he created us.

5. Convenience.
Nope, hasn't been convenient lately, but think about it. When things are going well, which up until mid-December was the case, I don't have to pack/prepare/warm/wash bottles or remember formula. Anywhere we are I can feed him and I have what he needs, at the right temperature. Some people might say that it isn't convenient because I can't leave him. As he gets stronger and older, he will nurse less and I really will have 3-4 hour stretches where he won't need me at all. Most babies at his age already can do this, but he has had some circumstances here lately that change this. Besides, with Financial Peace University we are very careful with our money and rarely go out without kids...and #1 only has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. PARTY :oP

Notice what isn't listed? Money. I used to think with Snug it was partially a money issue. My opinion of that has changed so much. I do not nurse Baby J to save money, I do it for the reasons above (not that I don't still shiver at how much we shelled out for formula in the past, but wouldn't you pay almost anything to feed your kids? yes).

Wow, not a very short answer...or post. Anyway. My disclaimer again is this. I do not ever aim to offend anyone. Feed your babies what you think is best. Do your research, know yourself, pray about it. Everyone has the right to feed their babies as they think best. I've been kinda all over this topic not because I am a breasfeeding guru-nazi woman, but because I wasn't given the respect as a mother to choose for her own baby. Is formula feeding wrong? For us, yes. For you? You decide. But I honestly don't hold it against anyone or think it is wrong if they decide to use formula. It isn't a Biblical issue to me. It isn't even personal. I have tons of friends who use formula and are wonderful mothers who love and care for their babies as much as I do Snug and Baby J. Breastfeeding doesn't make me a good mom. I am sure there are terrible moms out there who breastfeed their babies.

I will say I certainly encourage it in anyone who isn't sure what they want to do. TRY. Give it 4-6 weeks (it often takes that long to get going, honestly). If you sure aren't sure what you want to do, try breastmilk and then try formula, and then decide which one you'd want to drink for 12 months.
Go love your babies, whether they are 6 months, 6 years, or 6 times that :o)


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Erin Morgan said...

Thanks for answering my question! I know its a tough one for many moms and I appreciate your honesty and candor. Thanks! I am glad to hear that the consultants were so supportive and optimistic compared to the doctors visits. :)

Thanks again! And I never meant to put you on the spot or make you feel like you HAD to explain yourself. I am just curious to know why other moms choose to do what they do :) Thanks for answering my question!

Jenney said...

Hey, this is just a follow-up comment on my answer from before. I think I forgot to say, because you said "supplement" not, just formula-feed and I didn't even address that :o)
Part of this whole problem started when Jack had RSV and he was getting supplement bottles. Once he started getting some bottles, he went on a nursing strike-as in , refused. SO take that WHOLE explanation from before and add to it that if he does get an occasional bottle it makes things really bad for both of us when we nurse...and wah-la, there is my complete answer :o)
I didn't feel pressured and I know you meant no ill-will in your question. It was a good fair question and I am glad you felt free to ask it.