Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheap Cheap!

Our family subscribes to "Family Fun" magazine and each month I enjoy getting ideas of things to do with the kids, either now or in the future.  This month a craft caught my eye...I had everything on hand!  I love a fun CHEAP craft.  

I decided to work it into Snug's homeschool, but Little M Man and Little Miss E (I still have Draycare...two kids right now) are also old enough for the project. 
 We have big rolls of what I believe is called butcher block paper.  We've used it for various things, but I like to take a section and tape it to our table to protect it when we paint.  Sometimes we paint the paper and then use it as gift wrap!
 When we paint, we wear paint shirts.  I bought these 2/$5 when I first started Draycare five years ago.  They also double as "park shirts".  When we all go to a park together they often have to wear these over their clothes so I can easily spot everyone on the equipment.  I also save veggie and meat trays (washed of course) for various projects.  Keeps the mess contained and easy clean up.
 We made little chicks out of egg cartons.  The kids painted, I inserted the wire (my gauge was too large...they don't bobble quite right) and then the kids, with my help, hot glued on feet, a beak, and some feathers.
 I took this picture so if I ever get my e-mail back up and running I think I"ll send it into the magazine.  They often show pictures of kids with completed projects.
I think each chic has its own personality  :o)  Cheep Cheep!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guess Who...

Guess who is the coach?
 Yep, me.  I"m the coach.
This lil guy is on my team.  Wish us luck!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Sometimes I keep it all together and everyone has (clean) matching socks.

Sometimes all of my kiddos get along while we ride in the van and no one cries and everyone keeps their seat belts on and buckled correctly the whole trip.

Sometimes I cook super healthy meals and my kids willingly eat moringa and we don't have dessert or sweets for over a week.

Sometimes the schedule comes together nicely. all of my teachers at church show up on time, and I am able to attend service.

Sometimes #1 and I can communicate without hardly even having to tell the other person what is on our mind and things run like a well-oiled machine.

Sometimes everyone here is healthy.


Sometimes Rosebud wears tennis shoes with no socks because I can't A. find them  or B. keep them washed.

Sometimes I have to stop the van and give a spanking because people don't always keep their seat belts buckled...and sometimes we miss out on special things because no one in the van can be nice.

Sometimes my husband buys hot dogs because he doesn't want another sandwich and we just don't have TIME to cook something else.

Sometimes I spend (literally) hours working on my schedule for teachers/assistants at church and I still have "holes" and someone calls at the last minute and can't work.  Or I get sick and can't do MY slot.

Sometimes it seems no matter how much we try and sit down and discuss things or be patient, #1 and I are on totally different wavelengths.

Sometimes three of my kids get croup all at the same time and I spend 2 hours in the doctor's office.  And then we miss Snug's basketball awards ceremony because, well, the other three are sick.

So.  Yeah.

Sometimes I just have to get it out in writing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

To say that spring has sprung would be the understatement of the year.  It's summer.  We've had seventy and eight degree days for a couple of weeks here.  We are normally in the mid fifties as a high.  
I figured seems how they had sand from head to toe and were sweating profusely, I had might as well get out the clippers and go for summer haircuts.  

 Snug wanted a spike and I obliged.  I'm not sure when his fauxhawk will become more obnoxious than cute, but it is just hair and I decided before they were born it wouldn't be a battle I fought, at least not hard.  In the scope of eternity I don't think haircuts matter and I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't have a crew cut.
 Rosebud is sporting three tails today as her hair is just wispy enough to not stay in either two or one for very long-especially not while running around in the backyard or jumping in the bounce house.
 It seems like she eats all.  the.  time.  It is rare around here not to have her either snacking or asking for food.  She eats good meals too, so it isn't interfering with those.  Besides that, snacks at our house are nutritious.
 Little Man (I'm playing with his blog name...Little Monkey?  Little Man?...hmmm) is thrilled to be back into the wide world of sports.  He is honing his baseball skills before his big first season starts here in a few weeks.
Monkey see, Monkey do, and he ended up with a "spike" as well.  His is REALLY cute.  I didn't think his hair type would handle it, but enough hair glue can do anything I suppose.  I just made sure it looks "normal" when it isn't up so that I didn't have to use a gallon of product each week.

Busy as usual at our house.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Florida 2012

I'm going to try and keep this short...seems how I have TONS of pictures.  
 Monkey decided he was big enough to take the suitcase through the airport.  He is so helpful!
 Daddy got the big suitcase AND Rosebud.
 The airline gave #1 a special pass so he and the kids could go to the gate with us.  Rosebud liked looking for airplanes.  Monkey didn't really get that he wasn't going with me till I was boarding.  Then he cried  :o(
 First flight!  Sweet Pea posed with a sweet pilot as we boarded.  He announced her over the intercom right before take off.
 Sweet Pea meeting Aunt Danielle!
 Look at me!  I am an AUNT!!!!!  This is baby Ivy  :o)
 Ivy is absolutely beautiful.  Look at those lashes!

 My SIL works at ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) and my parents volunteer there.  I did a big post about it last year you can read here.

 Oh look!  Florida wildlife!
 Danielle gave us a tour of ECHO last year, so this year it was more a quick visit and she got to show off Ivy to several people who hadn't seen her yet.

 Grandmommy had a couple of matching outfits for the girls which was fun!
 Very proud uncle/daddy  :o)
 The girls were mildy interested in each other.  They're still pretty young for socializing.
 We spent a day at the beach.  Sweet Pea went sunbathing.  Fully dressed...under an umbrella.
 She LOVED the ocean, and I hope she enjoys the pool as much this summer.
 She is trying to suck her thumb, and has gotten it a few times now.
 They are six weeks, one day apart in age.  I wish I had a dollar for each time that people asked if they were twins.  They don't look alike, but being so close in age/size I think people naturally assumed they were.

 We also got to see some really cool wildlife one day when we went for a hike.
 Babywearing is so much fun!  Maybe we could be a Moby commercial.
 Alligator track. Easily bigger than my hand.  Glad we didn't see that one!
 This gator was big enough, thanks!
 My brother hard at work at his job.  He works for a Christian radio station that we are able to listen to online.
 On the way home we never had any seatmates.  Sweet Pea traveled really well.

On our final flight they even asked if we'd like to keep the carseat.  Yes please!  She slept the entire flight.

It was so nice to go meet Ivy and to see family. Can't wait to see them in August!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


...I'm a little behind.  More Florida pictures to come before the weekend, I PROMISE!  (I was so tempted to take a picture of Sweet Pea's "little behind" for this post but didn't.  She'll thank me someday).

Monday, March 12, 2012

14 Weeks Young

 I didn't measure how long Sweet Pea is this week.  I did weigh her, and she is 11 lbs 2 oz.  She is quickly growing out of her 0-3 month clothes, and I am cycling in 3-6 month stuff.
She is a morning baby and we often wake up to her smiling at us.  Neither #1 nor I are morning people, but it is hard to be grumpy when the first thing you see is a gurgly baby smiling at you and trying her best to kick you.  She coos and babbles along.  Her fussy time starts about 4:30 pm which isn't too much fun.  
I had a post all written and ready to publish about our trip to Florida.  Then my computer crashed and I lost it all.  Blogger didn't save it either, very sad. I will have to have another substantial chunk of time to be able to post it again...I might have time tonight if I can finish the laundry, sewing projects, grocery list, and general clean up.  We'll see.  

Friday, March 9, 2012


Baby "A" is Little Monkey Man at 4 months old.  He was growing nicely at that point, but a fussy little guy.  Later we discovered he had quite a bit of tummy trouble due to my eating wheat/gluten.

Baby "B" is Sweet Pea, taken the day I posted it.  She's a pretty happy little girl these days.  We hope to not have the same weight gain issues/fussiness we had with Little Monkey Man due to me NOT eating wheat/gluten.

Many of you guessed right!  Good job!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look Alikes

 Baby "A" above.  Baby "B" below.
Who are they?  (They are both my kids)