Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

To say that spring has sprung would be the understatement of the year.  It's summer.  We've had seventy and eight degree days for a couple of weeks here.  We are normally in the mid fifties as a high.  
I figured seems how they had sand from head to toe and were sweating profusely, I had might as well get out the clippers and go for summer haircuts.  

 Snug wanted a spike and I obliged.  I'm not sure when his fauxhawk will become more obnoxious than cute, but it is just hair and I decided before they were born it wouldn't be a battle I fought, at least not hard.  In the scope of eternity I don't think haircuts matter and I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't have a crew cut.
 Rosebud is sporting three tails today as her hair is just wispy enough to not stay in either two or one for very long-especially not while running around in the backyard or jumping in the bounce house.
 It seems like she eats all.  the.  time.  It is rare around here not to have her either snacking or asking for food.  She eats good meals too, so it isn't interfering with those.  Besides that, snacks at our house are nutritious.
 Little Man (I'm playing with his blog name...Little Monkey?  Little Man?...hmmm) is thrilled to be back into the wide world of sports.  He is honing his baseball skills before his big first season starts here in a few weeks.
Monkey see, Monkey do, and he ended up with a "spike" as well.  His is REALLY cute.  I didn't think his hair type would handle it, but enough hair glue can do anything I suppose.  I just made sure it looks "normal" when it isn't up so that I didn't have to use a gallon of product each week.

Busy as usual at our house.  Have a great week!

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