Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Florida 2012

I'm going to try and keep this short...seems how I have TONS of pictures.  
 Monkey decided he was big enough to take the suitcase through the airport.  He is so helpful!
 Daddy got the big suitcase AND Rosebud.
 The airline gave #1 a special pass so he and the kids could go to the gate with us.  Rosebud liked looking for airplanes.  Monkey didn't really get that he wasn't going with me till I was boarding.  Then he cried  :o(
 First flight!  Sweet Pea posed with a sweet pilot as we boarded.  He announced her over the intercom right before take off.
 Sweet Pea meeting Aunt Danielle!
 Look at me!  I am an AUNT!!!!!  This is baby Ivy  :o)
 Ivy is absolutely beautiful.  Look at those lashes!

 My SIL works at ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) and my parents volunteer there.  I did a big post about it last year you can read here.

 Oh look!  Florida wildlife!
 Danielle gave us a tour of ECHO last year, so this year it was more a quick visit and she got to show off Ivy to several people who hadn't seen her yet.

 Grandmommy had a couple of matching outfits for the girls which was fun!
 Very proud uncle/daddy  :o)
 The girls were mildy interested in each other.  They're still pretty young for socializing.
 We spent a day at the beach.  Sweet Pea went sunbathing.  Fully dressed...under an umbrella.
 She LOVED the ocean, and I hope she enjoys the pool as much this summer.
 She is trying to suck her thumb, and has gotten it a few times now.
 They are six weeks, one day apart in age.  I wish I had a dollar for each time that people asked if they were twins.  They don't look alike, but being so close in age/size I think people naturally assumed they were.

 We also got to see some really cool wildlife one day when we went for a hike.
 Babywearing is so much fun!  Maybe we could be a Moby commercial.
 Alligator track. Easily bigger than my hand.  Glad we didn't see that one!
 This gator was big enough, thanks!
 My brother hard at work at his job.  He works for a Christian radio station that we are able to listen to online.
 On the way home we never had any seatmates.  Sweet Pea traveled really well.

On our final flight they even asked if we'd like to keep the carseat.  Yes please!  She slept the entire flight.

It was so nice to go meet Ivy and to see family. Can't wait to see them in August!

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Jenilee said...

All I can say is "Cute babies!!!!" :) loved your pics!