Monday, March 26, 2012


Sometimes I keep it all together and everyone has (clean) matching socks.

Sometimes all of my kiddos get along while we ride in the van and no one cries and everyone keeps their seat belts on and buckled correctly the whole trip.

Sometimes I cook super healthy meals and my kids willingly eat moringa and we don't have dessert or sweets for over a week.

Sometimes the schedule comes together nicely. all of my teachers at church show up on time, and I am able to attend service.

Sometimes #1 and I can communicate without hardly even having to tell the other person what is on our mind and things run like a well-oiled machine.

Sometimes everyone here is healthy.


Sometimes Rosebud wears tennis shoes with no socks because I can't A. find them  or B. keep them washed.

Sometimes I have to stop the van and give a spanking because people don't always keep their seat belts buckled...and sometimes we miss out on special things because no one in the van can be nice.

Sometimes my husband buys hot dogs because he doesn't want another sandwich and we just don't have TIME to cook something else.

Sometimes I spend (literally) hours working on my schedule for teachers/assistants at church and I still have "holes" and someone calls at the last minute and can't work.  Or I get sick and can't do MY slot.

Sometimes it seems no matter how much we try and sit down and discuss things or be patient, #1 and I are on totally different wavelengths.

Sometimes three of my kids get croup all at the same time and I spend 2 hours in the doctor's office.  And then we miss Snug's basketball awards ceremony because, well, the other three are sick.

So.  Yeah.

Sometimes I just have to get it out in writing.


Paige said...

No one is perfect. And I'm sure your home is full of love. And at the end of the day, that's what it is all about right! Because when your kids grow up, they aren't going to remember every time they didn't have clean socks, or a healthy meal, but they will vividly remember growing up with a loving mother and father. And that is what counts. :)

Venting and getting it all out is great. Just know that no one expects you to be perfect. :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a rough trip home :-( 3 kids with croup sounds like a nightmare! Hange in there, it will get better!

Aunt Kimmie