Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Boy 2 Months!

Baby J had his 2 month check-up today...he is 11lbs 2oz. He is now 23in. So he has gained 4lbs and grown 2 inches longer. What a big boy! He is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, and in the 20th percentile in head size. I don't think his head looks small, but whatever. Big J was 9lbs 5 oz at his 2 month check Baby J may be the big little brother....or Big J would be the little big brother...whichever. There were a couple of minor concerns the doctor charted, but he is doing well overall!
I know you're not supposed to compare kids, but its kinda hard not to...I mean I have 2 boys who looked identical at birth...just born 2 years apart. How do I not compare them a teeny bit?
Anywho, everyone is good here, getting ready for a fun filled holiday weekend :o)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Few Of My Favorites...

I am posting a few of my favorite pictures off of our camera today. Not that nothing interesting happened today, it did. I have 2 R quotes (one of my Draycare kids) that I have to share though. Before we cross the road I always say "Stop Look and Listen before you cross the street, use your eyes, use your ears, and then use your feet." Because we've just started up again I wanted to see what they remembered so I started "Stop Look and Listen before you cross the street, use you eyes, use your ears, and then use your" and I stopped...R piped up, "Use your Imagination!" Yesterday I was nursing Baby J ( I always use a blanket when the kids are here) and R came up and was playing with his feet. Finally she said, "It's a good thing Baby J can still eat your tummy Miss Jenney". I cracked up. Anyway, to the photos. I love this one of Big J and Baby J. Big J is proud as a peach and Baby J is so upset to be being held so uncomfortably. I think my favorite part is that Big J is totally oblivious to the fact that Baby J is screaming his head off!
This was taken at my mom and dad's house. J (belongs to my cousin Melissa) and Sh (belongs to my cousin Kristin) were in the wagon with Big J and G (belongs to my cousin Crystal). J was very helpful in putting his arm around Sh.
I was trying to get both boys' pajamas on at the same time (what was I thinking?) and they were laying on the floor. I also had been trying to get a picture I liked of both of them for Baby J's birth announcement in the Cedarville Inspire. I love this one, but I'm not sure if I"ll use it or not.
This is just a cute awake picture of Baby J. I always forget to take pictures when he's awake, most of them he seems to be sleeping. He does sleep a lot, but he is awake quite a bit these days too.

This is probably my all time favorite picture of the summer. Big J loves his new bok (that's what he calls his tricycle). He knows he has to wear his helmet and pads. Some people might think that is a bit extreme, but he inherited his gracefullness from his mother. Also, he rides with our next door neighbor T who thinks up all sorts of interesting things for them to do with boks, wagons, and other four wheeled things. Helmets are super necessary.
Big J is also sporting his Bob the Builder shirt. I checked out a Bob The Builder DVD from the library a couple of weeks ago. Big J usually wants Dodo (Dora) but I talked him into Bob. He really likesd it too. I noticed on the options as you hit play there is a "Play continuously" mode. I will definatly NOT be using that mode.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Can a kid spend too much time with his faithful four legged companion???

Maybe he can! Big J can't seem to keep his tongue or spit in his mouth these days. Here is a great picture...except what is Big J doing??? He even licked Aunt J's legs and my mom's face while we were in Michigan. We've tried to explain that licking is NOT a greeting. He also is interested in you know how much fun it is to watch it fall out of your mouth and onto your shirt? I don't know how much fun it is because I haven't tried it in almost 30 years, but seems to be pretty entertaining for Big J. So I shouldn't have been surprised today to walk into the living room and see Big J lick the middle couch cushion...then the right side...and after just a moment of hesitation he walked over and licked the left cushion also. He seemed pretty satisfied that they all tasted the same, so he went to his rocking chair to read a book and blow spit bubbles. I am so proud. (And no mom, I'm not making this up, he tasted each cushion and went to the chair, I promise. Had I not been trying to hide my shock/giggles from him because I do NOT want him doing any of those things, I'd have video taped the whole episode.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Again

Okie, so still no pictures...I'm working on it, I promise.
We are back home after being gone ten days. The boys did pretty well. Baby J was a trooper and enjoyed lots of people holding him. He's a little cranky tonight, but not too bad. Big J had some moments as I vented before, but he had a great time and especially enjoyed the pool. He is a little fish-jumped in and had his head under quite a bit without any reservations. I was sad to have to leave because I had looked forward to the trip all summer and I loved spending time with family. However, when I walked in our house it was so nice to be home! We have a bit of an unpacking mess, but with Draycare showing up Monday morning it should get cleaned up fast. Tomorrow is Doggie Dash N Splash. If you have no idea what that is, go to It is a huge dog festival that I help plan and execute every year. #1 will have the boys by himself for the whole day. Hurray for daddy! I think I get him to do it every year because the first year we did it he had to be McGruff and wear a huge hot stinky dog suit at the festival in 90 deg weather. Ever since then he's been more than happy to stay home and away from the festival, even if it means a day with James, and this year Big J and Little J by himself!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry So Long

Yep, it has been forever since I last posted an entry. We've been a bit busy. Big J is now 2. He is learning new things everyday, but has quite the attitude. Some days I get so frustrated because my kid was never going to act like that...I would make sure. Yeah right. Sometimes #1 thinks we should duct tape the time out stool to Big J's rear so we can just say "sit" when he's pushed his limits...a million times a day, and I have a wooden spoon in the diaper bag in case we're out and there's nothing handy. I guess what is so frustrating is that we try our darndest to be consistent and he still does the same things over and over.
Right now we're in Michigan. #1 had a softball tournament in Sterling Heights and we are spending the week here. My Aunt J who is a missionary in Africa came home for a year this week, and my brother Uncle Alligator and sister-in-law D. are also here. We're having a great time. No one is holding poor Baby J and he just has to be by himself so much...NOT. Big J loves a constant audience and is also enjoying 2.8 time-outs a hour. Nope, not frustrated can you tell?
Last night we had a big birthday/see everyone party at my mom and dad's house that they graciously hosted. Both sides of our family came to see everyone and catch up. It was so nice to see aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins' kids. Big J had many many cousins to hang out with. It was so much fun!
Well, that's what we've been up to...hope to post pictures of Big J's second birthday soon.