Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Few Of My Favorites...

I am posting a few of my favorite pictures off of our camera today. Not that nothing interesting happened today, it did. I have 2 R quotes (one of my Draycare kids) that I have to share though. Before we cross the road I always say "Stop Look and Listen before you cross the street, use your eyes, use your ears, and then use your feet." Because we've just started up again I wanted to see what they remembered so I started "Stop Look and Listen before you cross the street, use you eyes, use your ears, and then use your" and I stopped...R piped up, "Use your Imagination!" Yesterday I was nursing Baby J ( I always use a blanket when the kids are here) and R came up and was playing with his feet. Finally she said, "It's a good thing Baby J can still eat your tummy Miss Jenney". I cracked up. Anyway, to the photos. I love this one of Big J and Baby J. Big J is proud as a peach and Baby J is so upset to be being held so uncomfortably. I think my favorite part is that Big J is totally oblivious to the fact that Baby J is screaming his head off!
This was taken at my mom and dad's house. J (belongs to my cousin Melissa) and Sh (belongs to my cousin Kristin) were in the wagon with Big J and G (belongs to my cousin Crystal). J was very helpful in putting his arm around Sh.
I was trying to get both boys' pajamas on at the same time (what was I thinking?) and they were laying on the floor. I also had been trying to get a picture I liked of both of them for Baby J's birth announcement in the Cedarville Inspire. I love this one, but I'm not sure if I"ll use it or not.
This is just a cute awake picture of Baby J. I always forget to take pictures when he's awake, most of them he seems to be sleeping. He does sleep a lot, but he is awake quite a bit these days too.

This is probably my all time favorite picture of the summer. Big J loves his new bok (that's what he calls his tricycle). He knows he has to wear his helmet and pads. Some people might think that is a bit extreme, but he inherited his gracefullness from his mother. Also, he rides with our next door neighbor T who thinks up all sorts of interesting things for them to do with boks, wagons, and other four wheeled things. Helmets are super necessary.
Big J is also sporting his Bob the Builder shirt. I checked out a Bob The Builder DVD from the library a couple of weeks ago. Big J usually wants Dodo (Dora) but I talked him into Bob. He really likesd it too. I noticed on the options as you hit play there is a "Play continuously" mode. I will definatly NOT be using that mode.

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