Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Can a kid spend too much time with his faithful four legged companion???

Maybe he can! Big J can't seem to keep his tongue or spit in his mouth these days. Here is a great picture...except what is Big J doing??? He even licked Aunt J's legs and my mom's face while we were in Michigan. We've tried to explain that licking is NOT a greeting. He also is interested in spitting...do you know how much fun it is to watch it fall out of your mouth and onto your shirt? I don't know how much fun it is because I haven't tried it in almost 30 years, but seems to be pretty entertaining for Big J. So I shouldn't have been surprised today to walk into the living room and see Big J lick the middle couch cushion...then the right side...and after just a moment of hesitation he walked over and licked the left cushion also. He seemed pretty satisfied that they all tasted the same, so he went to his rocking chair to read a book and blow spit bubbles. I am so proud. (And no mom, I'm not making this up, he tasted each cushion and went to the chair, I promise. Had I not been trying to hide my shock/giggles from him because I do NOT want him doing any of those things, I'd have video taped the whole episode.)

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