Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry So Long

Yep, it has been forever since I last posted an entry. We've been a bit busy. Big J is now 2. He is learning new things everyday, but has quite the attitude. Some days I get so frustrated because my kid was never going to act like that...I would make sure. Yeah right. Sometimes #1 thinks we should duct tape the time out stool to Big J's rear so we can just say "sit" when he's pushed his limits...a million times a day, and I have a wooden spoon in the diaper bag in case we're out and there's nothing handy. I guess what is so frustrating is that we try our darndest to be consistent and he still does the same things over and over.
Right now we're in Michigan. #1 had a softball tournament in Sterling Heights and we are spending the week here. My Aunt J who is a missionary in Africa came home for a year this week, and my brother Uncle Alligator and sister-in-law D. are also here. We're having a great time. No one is holding poor Baby J and he just has to be by himself so much...NOT. Big J loves a constant audience and is also enjoying 2.8 time-outs a hour. Nope, not frustrated can you tell?
Last night we had a big birthday/see everyone party at my mom and dad's house that they graciously hosted. Both sides of our family came to see everyone and catch up. It was so nice to see aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins' kids. Big J had many many cousins to hang out with. It was so much fun!
Well, that's what we've been up to...hope to post pictures of Big J's second birthday soon.


Erin Morgan said...

Jenney - my girlfriend has a two year old and her husband got so frustrated with him getting out of the time out chair, he took an old belt and put it on the chair, and when he has time out, they buckle him in to the chair... It works, most of the time. And he does much better.

Good luck!! Have a great time in MI!

Anonymous said...

We noticed a huge change in Danny once Ginny was born. He was a perfect angel before he had a sister, but ever since she's been born, he's had issues with not listening and being naughty and whatnot. Maybe James is dealing with something of the same thing?

Anyway, it was great seeing you guys yesterday and meeting Jack. It was so fun to see all of the little ones together.

Love you guys,

Megan said...

Sounds like lots of fun with family! Sorry to hear about all the time outs. I bet his behavior will change again soon. I know Matthew goes through these stages where he spends about 2 weeks straight (or at least it feels like that) in time out and then he is nearly angelic for 2 weeks. But you also have the new baby thing going on there which could surely create behavior issues. I'll be praying James decides to move on out of time-outville!