Sunday, July 27, 2008

Children's Discovery Garden

On Friday our playgroup, of which starting next week I am the fearless leader of, went to the Children's Garden in Dayton. Now, for those of you who have heard of this nice city with a crime rate through the roof and either a shooting or homicide daily (or should I say nightly) I have to give you another view. There are several really nice things in Dayton to do as a family. This FREE (the best price ever) garden is one of them. It is actually a small part of a larger group of gardens.
This is the little "river" for the kids to wade in. There is also a waterfall they can stand under. Big J loved to walk in the "cole" river and met lots of kids besides those in our group. I was happy he didn't drink this water as one of our kids did. There were only about 50 children in the water while we were there, so I'm sure it was really clean. The big rocks are all cemented down so the kids can't pick them up and get hurt. Not that many kids could pick up rocks that size, but it only takes one to smush little toes.
Baby J, the party animal, had a great day. This is pretty much what he did. Sometimes his seatbelt was off. What a daredevil.
This is a cave the kids could go through. There aren't any flower pictures here, but there were hundreds and hundreds of flowers in a very pretty garden setting.
We ate lunch kinda by the maitenance shed. Of course, you couldn't know that unless you read the signs because it was surrounded by gardens and even had plants growing on the roof. It also was just the cutest shed looking thing you can imagine. It was nicer looking as a maitenance shed than 80% of the homes in the city. I put Big J in a big unused pot for this picture. Please forgive the PB&J on his face. He really was much happier not having his face washed, and thus a better picture.

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