Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Trouble

Well, we normally don't have any trouble from Snug about having Baby J here. But today he acted out a bit about having a new brother. We had stir fry for dinner and #1 and I finished before Big J. #1 had to go get ready for work, and I needed to feed Baby J. Well, Big J wasn't thrilled about being left at the table and kept saying he was done. (He wasn't) When I got done nursing Baby J and checked on him, Big J had thrown rice all over the floor. Can I tell you how happy I was at that point? I forgot to burp Baby J because of the discovery of the mess and while I was making Big J pick up it up, Baby J spit up a ton (not normal for him) and started screaming. #1 helped me give him a quick bath-he had spit up all in his hair and ear. Big J didn't love picking up the rice mess by himself, but I figured I didn't make the mess and that punishment seemed to fit the crime. Mean mommy didn't let him have a cookie because he didn't eat all his supper, but she did take the boys on a walk that included the park...maybe she isn't horrible.
Look! I did a picture, text, a picture, and text! Well, here is Baby J today. He has wanted something in his mouth all day long. Since I am not a human pacifier, despite his best efforts to make it so, he has had a bink quite a bit today. I think part of it is that he is starting to wake up a bit and when he is awake he thinks he needs to be eating. He loves to be near Big J while he is playing and likes to sit in the travel baby swing. I'm trying to keep him "entertained" so that he sees there is more to life than eating. At this time in his tiny life I guess there isn't much more to life than eating. :o)

Ok, I don't know who all has watched "The Baby Borrowers" but I love that show. It is so interesting to see these teens have to 'parent' kids. Tonight the teens are going to parent teens. They've had infants (not newborns), toddlers, school age kids, and now teens. Some of them have done a good job, and some of them have learned quite a bit. It really shows how tough it is to be a parent. I don't think anyone can fully understand how hard it is to be a parent, even with the experiment, until they live it 24/7/365 but at least they are getting a glimpse of how it will be and that it can be fun and rewarding, but also really hard. I don't want anyone to borrow my babies...but if someone wants to watch them for 2.5 hours on July 31, #1 and I would like to do something for our 4th anniversary. I think we will probably end up changing diapers and making Big J pick up food off the floor. Super romantic, don't you think?

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Megan said...

I have been watching that Baby Borrowers show too. Well I missed it last night, but I watched the other times. It was great to see how some of the teens got better with the kids and more responsible.
If I lived near you I would definitely borrow your babies on your anniversary! Oh and good job figuring out the text, picture, text thing!