Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Virginia Beach "Highlights" Part 2

 We have never actually swam while at Virginia Beach due to the fact that it is usually WAY too cold.  However...the water was mild the the air temp hot so the boys got in!  As long as he could just get his toes wet, Little Monkey Man was happy to run and splash.  He mostly just dug with his new beach shovel.
 Snug however is a fish.  He jumped right in and enjoyed every minute of sun and surf.  He made me REALLY nervous though when he was in past his belly with the waves everywhere.  #1 was close by, but not close enough for my comfort.  I told him he couldn't get in past his knees anymore.
 We took turns being with Rosebud up on the shore.  If she could, she'd make a break for it and crawl right into the waves catching facefull after facefull of salty surf.  It didn't phase her a bit, but again, I was nervous.
We distracted her with her new bumpy ball and she was content to eat sand and play up away from the water instead.  

 Everyone had new bathing suits to sport at the beach thanks to #1's mom.  I think Rosebud's is especially cute!

 Look!  She's modeling it for you!  Actually she's doing something else that you'll see later in the post.
 All dressed for dinner Saturday night.  3 VERY tired kids.
 Look who's standing without help!  That's what she was trying to do in the picture at the beach.  She was having trouble getting up in the sand.  Looking between her legs was more fun.  On Saturday Rosebud stood by herself without holding onto anything maybe twice.  By Sunday, she was standing more than sitting.
And CLAPPING.  She stood and clapped everytime we cheered.  It was so cute.  She was very proud of her new skill and I can't believe she isn't walking yet.  I think she could, just doesn't have the confidence   
 By the end of Sunday (where her daddy's team got FIRST place in their division) she was a FILTHY mess.
 But she is cute when she is filthy!
 On the way home, we stopped at a nice hotel.  We've done that before, as if you stop at a business hotel on a Sunday night you get a CHEAP rate.
 The kids enjoyed another hour in the pool.
 This little boy cracks me up.  These are his muscles  :o)

We got a suite and the boys had room to stretch out on a pull out couch/chair slid up to the bed.  In the morning we have a beautiful hot breakfast that came with the room.  It was a great way to end the trip.  If you need a night away with your family, seriously go for a Sunday night.  It was less than $100 for the night and it was a Marriott.

After that we hopped back into the van and drove another 8 hours home just in time for....baseball pictures and a softball game.  It never ends  :o)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Virginia Beach "Highlights" Part 1

 Last Thursday we packed up the van and headed to Virginia Beach, VA.  Snug was very content to have a 10 hour drive ahead of him knowing that A) he was going to the beach and B) he had full access to a DVD player.
 Pictures do not do the landscape justice.  It is a beautiful drive.
 Little Monkey Man has to have ALL of his toys on his lap while traveling.  The DVD player worked for about 8 of the 10 hours on the way there (they also slept during that time) and then it died.  Never to work again.
 One nice thing about diapers is she doesn't have to interrupt our driving every 2 hours!!!  I do change her of course, but by the time we were driving home I was considering diapers for everyone under 5 foot!  We stopped at a motel around 11PM Thursday night.  #1 had worked all day and we knew everyone needed some "real" sleep if we were going to make it through the weekend.
 After only having to drive maybe two hours on Friday morning we made it to our first destination.  The Zoo!  We have a pass to our local children's museum and it reciprocates with hundreds of zoos and museums around the US.  This is one of them, and we got in free!  There was another museum we had hoped to go to on the way home, but it didn't happen.
 We tried to donate a monkey, but they said they had enough for now.  Maybe next time!
 The zoo was BEAUTIFUL.  Very clean, and they did a fantastic job (in my not-very-knowledgeable opinion) recreating what their habitat would be, while including unique ways for us to actually SEE the animals without disturbing them.  I've been to zoos where the habitat is great, but you'll never see the actual animal.  I've also been to zoos where the habitat must be miserable for the animal, but you can certainly see them.
 Everyone had a great time.
 Riding the train was the boys' favorite part.  We did have to buy tickets, but I guess getting into the zoo for free compensated that.
 I personally loved the giraffes.  I tried and tried to get the boys to look at them.  But there were squirrels and they won out.
 The elephants!
 I think this picture is just too cute!  LMM only smiles if he is having a truly good time.  He can't "fake" it like Snug.

 If you've ever read the book  "Verde" you'll know why I took this picture.

 Someone's irresponsible mother didn't strap her into the stroller and she decided to get out by herself.  A scraped up nose and face was the result.

 As soon as we got to the hotel the boys wanted to go swimming.  I honestly can't remember if we did this first or had dinner first.  No matter, Snug was in the pool faster than I could blink and loving every minute.
LMM was a different story.  He was all excited to get in and then panicked.  He held tight to either us or the rail the entire time.  I bought a water sling at a garage sale (I realize now it was on inside out) and it was a big help with Rosebud.  She wants us to let go of her in the water and pushes against us constantly.  Being wet and slippery that is not easy to deal with while watching the boys.  The sling keeps her right next to me and gives me at least one free hand at all times.  

Friday night was a party hosted by a local establishment across the street from our hotel.  Free food for all players and their guests.  We went early, ate, and got out of there before the "party" really began.  

Saturday morning the weather was beautiful.  The kids sat for a second so I could get a picture of them in their matching shirts.  All the (under age 5) kids that come to tournaments/league nights from our team have the same one, all with their daddy's number on the back.

 The day was hot and long.  Over a span of 8 hours #1 played four games.  I was so thankful for the shade tent (think 1/2 a tent that goes up super easy) that my parents bought for us.  Both LMM and Rosebud took a nap in it.
 Rosebud loves her daddy!
 This is another team baby.  She and Rosebud kept each other very entertained.  I tried to get a picture all day of both of them with their cute shirts and pink bottoms...but either someone would lay down or one had a bib on or would crawl away.  They had matching busted noses, so I didn't feel quite so bad about Rosebud.  It was "the cool" thing that weekend.

I love the vignette around this picture.  It is actually because I took it through the fence, but whatever.  Day one at the ball field was over.  It was time to hit the beach, but I'll post those pics later.  I think this is enough for now!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

 Tuesday was Snug's last day of pre-kindergarten.  Above is the picture from his first day.

And here is his picture from his last day.  I see a more confident, taller boy.  He is so excited about kindergarten.  I'm just hoping I'm doing the right thing sending him!  

We went to Virginia Beach last weekend for #1's annual softball tournament there.  I'll try to get pictures up tonight or tomorrow...the kids had a blast!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Has a Brand New Shirt...

 This "Baby Girl" has a new shirt.  Her Grandmommy got it for her.  Read carefully...
Yep!  There will be a fourth Dray baby as an early Christmas present this year.  Our newest addition is due December 13, 2011!!  
Big sisterhood looks good on her, don't you think? I mean, she is 17 lbs now after all  :o)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Heavens Boy. Heavens.

 Little Monkey Man keeps my life.  Interesting.  Last night he attempted to give himself a pedicure.  In his bed.  With contraband nail polish he climbed on mommy and daddy's bathroom counter to reach out of the medicine cabinet.  
 His sheets will never be the same.  Neither will his jammies.  #1 discovered the crime scene when he walked past the boys' door around 9pm and smelled something.  He found LMM with nothing but his brother's skivvies on attempting to cover up his deed.  He had taken off his jammies and hid them.  He had also put the cap back on the polish and it was under his pillow.
This is just part of his body that has bright red paint on it.  I, for obvious reasons, didn't take any other pictures of the little man.  But it is suffice to say it looks like he's been in a slasher film.

Heavens boy.  Heavens.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opening Day...

 Take me out to the ball game...
 Today was Snug's first ever baseball game where he was a player and not part of the crowd!

Little Monkey Man was just was excited as Snug.  He sure looks proud of his big brother!
 I think I might frame this one!!!!

Some local veterans came and raised the flag, and the rain ceased long enough to have the National Anthem and Snug's game.

I'm sorry, but all of these little people sitting on the bench is so funny.

They play on a "mini field".  It is 1/2 a regular baseball field and almost all grass.  The last picture, if you look close, is Snug up to bat.  In his game there are 2 innings.  No one is out, everyone hits.  He played 3rd base first inning and 1st base (just like his daddy) in the second.  He took the game VERY seriously and had a great time.

I'm very proud to say that he stayed on task the entire game, never left the field to hug me or give me his water bottle, and didn't have to go potty.    There are usually 4-5 adults on the field at all times.  They are there to intercept would-be mommy huggers and all together deserters.  They also put all small people back into position.  Over.  And Over.  And Over.  They have a lot of patience.  It was a ton of fun!!!!