Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opening Day...

 Take me out to the ball game...
 Today was Snug's first ever baseball game where he was a player and not part of the crowd!

Little Monkey Man was just was excited as Snug.  He sure looks proud of his big brother!
 I think I might frame this one!!!!

Some local veterans came and raised the flag, and the rain ceased long enough to have the National Anthem and Snug's game.

I'm sorry, but all of these little people sitting on the bench is so funny.

They play on a "mini field".  It is 1/2 a regular baseball field and almost all grass.  The last picture, if you look close, is Snug up to bat.  In his game there are 2 innings.  No one is out, everyone hits.  He played 3rd base first inning and 1st base (just like his daddy) in the second.  He took the game VERY seriously and had a great time.

I'm very proud to say that he stayed on task the entire game, never left the field to hug me or give me his water bottle, and didn't have to go potty.    There are usually 4-5 adults on the field at all times.  They are there to intercept would-be mommy huggers and all together deserters.  They also put all small people back into position.  Over.  And Over.  And Over.  They have a lot of patience.  It was a ton of fun!!!!


CM said...

Oh how adorable!!! The bench pic is too cute. Yay for his first baseball uniform. I bet his daddy is so proud!

Sprout is doing the same thing, but it doesn't start for another couple weeks.

mrs. fuzz said...

Well hello there!

Little Kid baseball. Cutest thing ever!

Can't believe how big your baby is!