Monday, May 16, 2011

Heavens Boy. Heavens.

 Little Monkey Man keeps my life.  Interesting.  Last night he attempted to give himself a pedicure.  In his bed.  With contraband nail polish he climbed on mommy and daddy's bathroom counter to reach out of the medicine cabinet.  
 His sheets will never be the same.  Neither will his jammies.  #1 discovered the crime scene when he walked past the boys' door around 9pm and smelled something.  He found LMM with nothing but his brother's skivvies on attempting to cover up his deed.  He had taken off his jammies and hid them.  He had also put the cap back on the polish and it was under his pillow.
This is just part of his body that has bright red paint on it.  I, for obvious reasons, didn't take any other pictures of the little man.  But it is suffice to say it looks like he's been in a slasher film.

Heavens boy.  Heavens.


CM said...

Hahahaha! Oh dear, that's one sneaky little dude you got there! But how cute, trying to give himself a pedicure! Now if that's not adorable.

Hey, at least it was red, it kinda blends in to the sheet!

Kim M said...

Love that little guy! You need and extra set of eyes just to keep an eye on him!

CupcakeLiz said... 3year old has done the same thing...but she climbed the couch and shimmied on an unstable stand (which is why it's where it is, b/c it's to keep her from getting into electrical cords since she refuses to listen to us about getting very badly hurt) to get my robin's egg blue polish off the mantle, and paint herself, and my carpet......we have light tan berber......ya, irks me still when I see the ;)

fegingerich said...

Okay, so I'm sorry I'm laughing, but as I scrolled down and the add at the bottom was for nail polish! Oh, I can just imagine the crime scene!!! :) Totally a blackmail story for high school!!

Jenilee said...

oh how funny! well, not funny for you but the pictures are so cute! my girls haven't done that yet with nailpolish but Abby has done it a few times with my mascara though :)