Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmmm"

I went to the hospital this afternoon to see a friend who had a baby last night. On the way out, I noticed this sign. I see it all the time. But it makes me wonder a little.

If I was carrying a weapon (which I'm not) and I saw this sign, what would I do? I know it is for those who have a CCW*, but what good does it do to have a CCW permit if you can't take the gun anywhere? Virtually every public (and private) building has this signage.

Ok, so if you have the CCW and you are a law abiding citizen, I guess you go back and put the weapon in your vehicle...and then someone can steal it. My husband said they just don't feel comfortable having people taking their guns into those buildings. (He can though. So I look at those signs when I am with him and thing "ha". Not that he always carries, just it doesn't ever apply to him. Maybe I'm a secret rebel.)

If you don't have your CCW or you were intending to take the gun into the building to do harm do you read the sign and say "Hmmm. I guess I'm not allowed to take my gun in and shoot so-and-so. Darn it." ? Perhaps hundreds of shootings have been avoided because there are small signs on doors saying you can't come in with your gun. And then the bad guys take their weapons back to their cars and lock them in their gun case, completely discouraged that they are not allowed to go in and complete their evil deed. The sign says so. Whew, glad we're all safe.

Having a CCW is to be able to protect yourself or those around you from nut jobs....right? So if those on the good side can't have a gun anywhere...and signs like this are most certainly not keeping those on the bad side from taking their weapon wherever they please...what is the point of even having a CCW???? And what is the point of those signs?

*Concealed Carry Weapon

Monday, November 22, 2010


Alphie is a "hot gift" this Christmas-according to his TV commercials. I had to laugh when I saw him. Really? Alphie? Alphie is the hot new toy on the market? Isn't that the SAME toy my brother had back in the mid 80's? Why yes. Yes it its.
This particular Alphie came to our house via Grandmommy this week. She and Pop Pop were here helping us with our bathroom re-model. We are entering week 8 of the project, but the end is in sight. We should be done before Christmas...and we have the toilet installed! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!
Back to Alphie. The boys loved him. This exact Alphie isn't the one my brother had, I think it must be one my mom had in her kindergarten classroom. No matter...apparently he is timeless.

So Alphie is going to live with us for awhile.

What toys are back from when you were a kid?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dancing Deer

Let me introduce you to "Dancing Deer" of the "Fighting Fish" tribe. His tribe hosted a stone soup luncheon for all of us Englishers on Friday. After a few Native American themed songs (along the lines of 1 little 2 little 3 little indians) we all a few of us enjoyed crackers and soup. Everyone ate desserts. Realistically, I don't think kids are big on vegetable soup whether you call it stone soup or not. Snug was the only child I observed eating any of it.
It was a fun time, and he looked so cute in his outfit. I tried to keep it relatively clean so he can wear it again on Thanksgiving. I don't know who is enjoying preschool more, Snug or his mommy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Final Product!

Nativity Blue Christmas
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I will be getting my free cards! I also ordered more. And somewhere in the process I mixed up what was free and what wasn't. Know what? Their customer service was...great. It was more than great. I will be getting my free cards even though I didn't follow directions well and they were very gracious. THANK YOU to Shutterfly! They were courteous, kind, and timely. I highly recommend their services.

*I am not being paid by Shutterfly for this promo. I just really love their product and want to give you the opportunity to experience them if you haven't already!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7 Months...Picture Edition

Rosebud's 7 month post was more a cry for help...and I needed it. The suggestions, encouragement, and prayers. Thank you.

On Monday her "situation" came to a head when she hadn't had more than a tablespoon or so of urine output by 3pm...to me that is a crisis point. I thawed 3 oz and had a friend give her first bottle (she wasn't even going to think about taking it from me, and Snug tried too). She had cried pretty good most of the day, and was actually trying hard to nurse, but not getting anything immediately so she was furious. After the bottle she calmed down, I relaxed and we have continued this routine with success ever since. She nurses all day, I pump when I can** and she gets a 3 oz bottle of expressed milk in the afternoon.

So here are her 7 month pictures. Thanks!

**Without airing out too much of his dirty laundry, heaven knows I'd hate it if someone did that to me, Little Monkey Man has been almost too much for me to handle. When I pump he has been finding all sorts of dangerous things to get into and do. I have had to limit my pumping to when he is in bed. Will be consulting his therapists ASAP.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

7 Months Old

I'm SORRY. There are no seven month pictures. I'm SORRY!!!!

Ok, now that I have that out in the open, the two of you that are still reading need to know this...a huge part of this post is going to be about breastfeeding. After a funny story via Snug. So you've been warned.

We sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" EVERY night. Cause LMM loves it. Alot. Well to mix things up after the "row" verse we sing "rock your boat" and then finally "bounce your boat". Then I got bored with that. So I taught them to sing "bounce, bounce, bounce your boat, gently down the stream, throw your mommy over board and listen to her scream AAAAAUUUGGHHHH". They love it. LOVE it. I think it may be why we have to sing it every night. *uck*

So tonight Snug gives me a hug after we sing and says "mommy, I'd never throw you out of the boat". Ok, my mommy heart is melting. My sweet sweet boy. And then he continues "You're too heavy! I could never pick you up."


WARNING: Breastfeeding starts here:

So Rosebud is 7 months old. The last two weeks or so have been really tough. She has had a pretty runny nose. Clear, but runny/stuffy. This interferes with nursing. And has brought on some biting. So I'm tense.

She has been a consistent slow weight gainer for awhile now, but after 6 months, it is pretty typical for a BF baby to only gain 1.5-3ish ounces a week. I'm trying to remember that. She did recently have a 5 oz loss, but I attribute some of that to her being under the weather (she isn't contagious, don't worry those of you who have been with us, DR says its seasonal).

I do know that developmentally she is right on track, besides her speech. That seems to be developing slow, but her hearing seems fine. Being a third child, having slow speech skills isn't earth shattering. I am focusing on her development and how (overall) well she is doing in this area.

My milk supply is low, I can feel that it is low and Rosebud has very little interest in nursing right now, and zero interest in solids. I've pretty much cut them out all together. I try a bite every day, but she refuses most of the time so I'm not pushing it. I've been pumping like crazy.

Because her wet/dirty diaper count is very poor right now I've been giving her the pumped milk via a medicine dropper. That seems to be helping a little.

I'm also taking Fenugreek and today started drinking Mother's Milk Tea (that added to the tons of water I've been consuming). I've also read that being on your menstrual cycle can lower your milk supply. Taking all of this into account.

I am trying so hard to keep it up. I'm a little discouraged. If you have more advice, you can leave a comment. Whether or not you think breastfeeding past 6 months is even important would you consider praying for us. It is just frustrating and I'm trying to give it to the Lord. Thanks.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smiley Faces

Just checking in...working on the bathroom, runny noses, congested coughs, and Christmas projects!
Little Monkey Man is...into everything. What else is new? He keeps me so busy. I love him to death, but he may be the death of me.
Rosebud is in constant movement. She is able to scoot herself about the room with more ease. She is very interested in everything around her and loves to grab anything in reach.

Snug is getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast at school. He has a cute t-shirt "buckskin" thing to wear. His Native American name is "Dancing Deer". Funny.
Just wanted to share these smiley faces with you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are not my favorite part of the holidays. Oh I love getting them, I even have a cute little wreath I got from GoodWill (need to spray paint it, not a fan of gold) to put them on and enjoy...but doing them. Not my favorite.

However, I am anticipating some reprieve this year. We did "Rosebud's" birth announcements with Shutterfly this year, and I loved the results (I know many of you who received one did too). One of the reasons I was so excited to get to borrow my aunt's camera was to be able to do Christmas pictures of the kids this year. I will upload them to Shutterfly and create my own photo cards!

Shuttterfly also offers personalized Christmas Gift Tags, and invitations to holiday parties.

I also use Shutterfly to "scrapbook" for my family. While I still do traditional scrapbooking (you know, in my "free time") for the kids first three years, after that I am using photo books. We've done several family vacation books with Shutterfly and have been very happy with the quality, price, and expediency of delivery. I am making a book for the kids for Christmas, and ABC book about our trip to the Detroit Zoo this fall.

I am doing this post (which is obviously an advertisement) because I am participating in an opportunity Shutterfly is giving bloggers to get free photocards. I'd like to thank them for the offer as I do love their products and am eager to share them with you.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Another "one of those weeks". It seems like every week is these days.

MY HUSBAND IS KEEPING HIS JOB!!!! The election on Tuesday was going to determine whether he worked another year or another week. We are praising the Lord for this huge blessing.

We are also in the middleish to endish of our bathroom remodel. I really should post pictures, we have been taking them the whole way through. I am currently tiling. I have the floor done. My hands are all dry and cracking because of the mastic.

I've been sewing like crazy. Christmas is coming, and babies are arriving faster than I can finish my many projects.

Rosebud is trying so hard to crawl. Today she started to pull herself along with her arms and her face. I know, it sounds crazy...and it is!

Our church had a "parent's night out" tonight and I got to ride along with #1. While responding to a "shots fired" call, we got to pick up a dude who had a felony warrant. Other than that it was really quiet, but it was fun!

I'll try to get pictures and something interesting up soon...I just was tired of seeing my applesauce sitting on the hutch. Just one of those weeks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's About That Time Again...

This much done...half a bushel to go! (And re-canning the ones that seperated)