Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smiley Faces

Just checking in...working on the bathroom, runny noses, congested coughs, and Christmas projects!
Little Monkey Man is...into everything. What else is new? He keeps me so busy. I love him to death, but he may be the death of me.
Rosebud is in constant movement. She is able to scoot herself about the room with more ease. She is very interested in everything around her and loves to grab anything in reach.

Snug is getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast at school. He has a cute t-shirt "buckskin" thing to wear. His Native American name is "Dancing Deer". Funny.
Just wanted to share these smiley faces with you!


Amanda said...

Those are pretty amazing smiling faces. :)


CM said...

Oh my goodness...Rosebud totally has your eyes!

Such adorable kiddos!