Sunday, November 14, 2010

7 Months Old

I'm SORRY. There are no seven month pictures. I'm SORRY!!!!

Ok, now that I have that out in the open, the two of you that are still reading need to know this...a huge part of this post is going to be about breastfeeding. After a funny story via Snug. So you've been warned.

We sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" EVERY night. Cause LMM loves it. Alot. Well to mix things up after the "row" verse we sing "rock your boat" and then finally "bounce your boat". Then I got bored with that. So I taught them to sing "bounce, bounce, bounce your boat, gently down the stream, throw your mommy over board and listen to her scream AAAAAUUUGGHHHH". They love it. LOVE it. I think it may be why we have to sing it every night. *uck*

So tonight Snug gives me a hug after we sing and says "mommy, I'd never throw you out of the boat". Ok, my mommy heart is melting. My sweet sweet boy. And then he continues "You're too heavy! I could never pick you up."


WARNING: Breastfeeding starts here:

So Rosebud is 7 months old. The last two weeks or so have been really tough. She has had a pretty runny nose. Clear, but runny/stuffy. This interferes with nursing. And has brought on some biting. So I'm tense.

She has been a consistent slow weight gainer for awhile now, but after 6 months, it is pretty typical for a BF baby to only gain 1.5-3ish ounces a week. I'm trying to remember that. She did recently have a 5 oz loss, but I attribute some of that to her being under the weather (she isn't contagious, don't worry those of you who have been with us, DR says its seasonal).

I do know that developmentally she is right on track, besides her speech. That seems to be developing slow, but her hearing seems fine. Being a third child, having slow speech skills isn't earth shattering. I am focusing on her development and how (overall) well she is doing in this area.

My milk supply is low, I can feel that it is low and Rosebud has very little interest in nursing right now, and zero interest in solids. I've pretty much cut them out all together. I try a bite every day, but she refuses most of the time so I'm not pushing it. I've been pumping like crazy.

Because her wet/dirty diaper count is very poor right now I've been giving her the pumped milk via a medicine dropper. That seems to be helping a little.

I'm also taking Fenugreek and today started drinking Mother's Milk Tea (that added to the tons of water I've been consuming). I've also read that being on your menstrual cycle can lower your milk supply. Taking all of this into account.

I am trying so hard to keep it up. I'm a little discouraged. If you have more advice, you can leave a comment. Whether or not you think breastfeeding past 6 months is even important would you consider praying for us. It is just frustrating and I'm trying to give it to the Lord. Thanks.


CM said...

Hang in there, dear. As I think you know, I nursed til 2 YOA + with both my boys.

When they got sick, there were always challenges. My suggestions: Keep pumping, keep offering her the chance to nurse, and keep trying to give solids. Don't give up hope and don't stop trying. Once she's feeling better, hopefully things will return to normal.

Feel free to email me if you have any more questions. Also, La Leche league website has lots of resources. I went there many times and even called a local LLL leader a couple of times.

When all else failed, many times I just relied on prayer. {{hugs}}

All My Monkeys said...

Hey, just reading over the MckMama live chat and wanted to comment. My FORTH baby was the WORST nurser. Everyone wanted to blame me, it was him (weak suck etc). I tried lactation (spendy), finally saw a diff ped who refered me to a phys or speech therapist for a suck eval. Whatever, all that to say, I wanted to keep bf but all others kept saying no. I wish I would have done what I could and supplemented after I nursed. Some babies are slow gainers but it sounds like right now she's just having health issues that interfere. So maybe a checkup with the ped for ears or throat would be good, Maybe it's teething (try some motrin?). Chiropractor? Hang in there, and like the other commenter said, maybe some emotional support for you from LLL would be good. It's so easy to get mommy guilt with this particular choice. If you want to keep bf, then don't let others sway you. In the end, you will decide if it's worth it to you or if it would just be better to stop (or if she just weans but then she'll be wanting reg food, anyway). It'll all work out ok. You don't ever hear of babies dying of malnutrition so I'm sure she'll be fine.

Amand said...

I'm sorry! I know how discouraging it can be... but look at you! You are doing EVERYTHING in your power and making improvements and offering up every option. That is amazing!!

I will be praying for you and your little one!


Kim M said...

I will pray and pray specifically for you and little one and consider it a privilege to do so. Thanks for your openness and honestly so we know how to pray for you.
love ya,
Aunt Kim

CupcakeLiz said...

Jenney, don't feel like you're letting her down!! You're doing GREAT!! I had very low supply for both my girls...our first weaned herself at 6 months completely but we already had her on formula to supplement also. Our youngest went onto formula at 3 months because we didn't want to go through all the agony we did with our first for another 3+ months.
I wish I could have nursed longer, but my supply just wasn't allowing that. And all those people that say it's a demand and supply issue (my sister), it's not all the time. I offered to my girls all the time and my supply never went up....I barely got 2 ounces a feeding. And that's not enough to fill a little belly, no matter how much you want it to. Some days I would just cry b/c I was so hard on myself. Not being able to feed my children the way I wanted to. But in the end, you've gotta do what is best for the baby, and there's no shame in using formula. It was either that or malnutrition for us. I applaud you for keeping with it, a lot of women don't even try to nurse...which totally amazes me, with all the health and financial benefits, but I don't have to tell you proud of what you've done, work on keeping your supply, and if you have to supplement to keep her healthy, don't feel bad! And don't let anyone make you feel inferior because of the choices you've made for your child(ren). You know what's best for your kids and are quite capable of raising them. :)

CupcakeLiz said...

Oh, and I forgot to say how much I cracked up over Snug!! :)

Jenilee said...

praying for you. the milk battle isn't fun. we moved when Abby was around 9-10mos old and I really wanted to hit a year with her. I was too busy and couldn't get my milk supply to come back up. I kept up with at least one feeding until she turned one. maybe you could do that? at least keep breast feeding as many feedings as you can do and try a bottle for the rest? hoping she gets better soon and decides she wants to eat more!

Living Creatively said...

I nursed my four kids for a total of almost 8 years. While that certainly doesn't make me an expert, I've been through quite a bit!
You are doing the right things-- pump, keep offering some cereal and/or baby food, try to nurse often. Babies who are stuffy won't often nurse long enough to empty a breast. Nurse on one side as long as you can, then pump when she's done. Then nurse on the other side for the next feeding, for as long as she will nurse.
A visit to the doctor wouldn't hurt. And, like CM said, LLL has more suggestions.

Love your Row the Boat lyrics!!! So funny!

Deb said...

looks like you've gotten lots of good tips. I'd echo Living Creatively. Nurse then pump and then nurse again. I HATE when they are sick and cant breath through their noses to eat.
Tristan cut way back on everything while he was sick- and his nose was clear the whole time. He still isnt eating as many solids and I dont feel like he's making it up by nursing. I mean- he is still nursing, just not any extra.
I'll definitely be praying for you! And expect a call from me soon!

Liz K said...

praying for you friend!

jayfersgirl said...

Came to your blog from a friend's and see that things are going better already.
Just wanted to add a little encouragement that you're doing great!:)