Friday, November 5, 2010


Another "one of those weeks". It seems like every week is these days.

MY HUSBAND IS KEEPING HIS JOB!!!! The election on Tuesday was going to determine whether he worked another year or another week. We are praising the Lord for this huge blessing.

We are also in the middleish to endish of our bathroom remodel. I really should post pictures, we have been taking them the whole way through. I am currently tiling. I have the floor done. My hands are all dry and cracking because of the mastic.

I've been sewing like crazy. Christmas is coming, and babies are arriving faster than I can finish my many projects.

Rosebud is trying so hard to crawl. Today she started to pull herself along with her arms and her face. I know, it sounds crazy...and it is!

Our church had a "parent's night out" tonight and I got to ride along with #1. While responding to a "shots fired" call, we got to pick up a dude who had a felony warrant. Other than that it was really quiet, but it was fun!

I'll try to get pictures and something interesting up soon...I just was tired of seeing my applesauce sitting on the hutch. Just one of those weeks!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

What? No guys getting chased by turtles? We have WAY more exciting crime here. ;-)

Jenilee said...

how fun that you got to ride along! :) glad he is keeping his job!! that is GREAT News!

JMeyers said...

I am surprised they would let you ride together, our department has policies against that. You can ride but not with a spouse, they are afraid what would happen in an accident or big incident.