Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmmm"

I went to the hospital this afternoon to see a friend who had a baby last night. On the way out, I noticed this sign. I see it all the time. But it makes me wonder a little.

If I was carrying a weapon (which I'm not) and I saw this sign, what would I do? I know it is for those who have a CCW*, but what good does it do to have a CCW permit if you can't take the gun anywhere? Virtually every public (and private) building has this signage.

Ok, so if you have the CCW and you are a law abiding citizen, I guess you go back and put the weapon in your vehicle...and then someone can steal it. My husband said they just don't feel comfortable having people taking their guns into those buildings. (He can though. So I look at those signs when I am with him and thing "ha". Not that he always carries, just it doesn't ever apply to him. Maybe I'm a secret rebel.)

If you don't have your CCW or you were intending to take the gun into the building to do harm do you read the sign and say "Hmmm. I guess I'm not allowed to take my gun in and shoot so-and-so. Darn it." ? Perhaps hundreds of shootings have been avoided because there are small signs on doors saying you can't come in with your gun. And then the bad guys take their weapons back to their cars and lock them in their gun case, completely discouraged that they are not allowed to go in and complete their evil deed. The sign says so. Whew, glad we're all safe.

Having a CCW is to be able to protect yourself or those around you from nut jobs....right? So if those on the good side can't have a gun anywhere...and signs like this are most certainly not keeping those on the bad side from taking their weapon wherever they please...what is the point of even having a CCW???? And what is the point of those signs?

*Concealed Carry Weapon


CM said...

I know, I've thought the same thing. I think the sign makes them feel safer or something. Yeah, like that's really gonna stop someone!

Melissa said...

That's one of Jeremy's biggest complaints about the rules surrounding CCW permits. It's the bad guys who are going to take it into a mall or a school or some of those other places they're not suppose to carry and those who follow the rules (who carry it for protection) are going to be the ones left without when they really need it. Crazy, but oh well.

Bethany said...

You have no idea how many times that sign has cramped my style.