Sunday, July 27, 2008

Children's Discovery Garden

On Friday our playgroup, of which starting next week I am the fearless leader of, went to the Children's Garden in Dayton. Now, for those of you who have heard of this nice city with a crime rate through the roof and either a shooting or homicide daily (or should I say nightly) I have to give you another view. There are several really nice things in Dayton to do as a family. This FREE (the best price ever) garden is one of them. It is actually a small part of a larger group of gardens.
This is the little "river" for the kids to wade in. There is also a waterfall they can stand under. Big J loved to walk in the "cole" river and met lots of kids besides those in our group. I was happy he didn't drink this water as one of our kids did. There were only about 50 children in the water while we were there, so I'm sure it was really clean. The big rocks are all cemented down so the kids can't pick them up and get hurt. Not that many kids could pick up rocks that size, but it only takes one to smush little toes.
Baby J, the party animal, had a great day. This is pretty much what he did. Sometimes his seatbelt was off. What a daredevil.
This is a cave the kids could go through. There aren't any flower pictures here, but there were hundreds and hundreds of flowers in a very pretty garden setting.
We ate lunch kinda by the maitenance shed. Of course, you couldn't know that unless you read the signs because it was surrounded by gardens and even had plants growing on the roof. It also was just the cutest shed looking thing you can imagine. It was nicer looking as a maitenance shed than 80% of the homes in the city. I put Big J in a big unused pot for this picture. Please forgive the PB&J on his face. He really was much happier not having his face washed, and thus a better picture.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Trouble

Well, we normally don't have any trouble from Snug about having Baby J here. But today he acted out a bit about having a new brother. We had stir fry for dinner and #1 and I finished before Big J. #1 had to go get ready for work, and I needed to feed Baby J. Well, Big J wasn't thrilled about being left at the table and kept saying he was done. (He wasn't) When I got done nursing Baby J and checked on him, Big J had thrown rice all over the floor. Can I tell you how happy I was at that point? I forgot to burp Baby J because of the discovery of the mess and while I was making Big J pick up it up, Baby J spit up a ton (not normal for him) and started screaming. #1 helped me give him a quick bath-he had spit up all in his hair and ear. Big J didn't love picking up the rice mess by himself, but I figured I didn't make the mess and that punishment seemed to fit the crime. Mean mommy didn't let him have a cookie because he didn't eat all his supper, but she did take the boys on a walk that included the park...maybe she isn't horrible.
Look! I did a picture, text, a picture, and text! Well, here is Baby J today. He has wanted something in his mouth all day long. Since I am not a human pacifier, despite his best efforts to make it so, he has had a bink quite a bit today. I think part of it is that he is starting to wake up a bit and when he is awake he thinks he needs to be eating. He loves to be near Big J while he is playing and likes to sit in the travel baby swing. I'm trying to keep him "entertained" so that he sees there is more to life than eating. At this time in his tiny life I guess there isn't much more to life than eating. :o)

Ok, I don't know who all has watched "The Baby Borrowers" but I love that show. It is so interesting to see these teens have to 'parent' kids. Tonight the teens are going to parent teens. They've had infants (not newborns), toddlers, school age kids, and now teens. Some of them have done a good job, and some of them have learned quite a bit. It really shows how tough it is to be a parent. I don't think anyone can fully understand how hard it is to be a parent, even with the experiment, until they live it 24/7/365 but at least they are getting a glimpse of how it will be and that it can be fun and rewarding, but also really hard. I don't want anyone to borrow my babies...but if someone wants to watch them for 2.5 hours on July 31, #1 and I would like to do something for our 4th anniversary. I think we will probably end up changing diapers and making Big J pick up food off the floor. Super romantic, don't you think?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yeah Michigan!

Cousins came today! Aunt B. and Katie brought A., D., J., and E. to play today as part of their mini vacation. Big J was thrilled to have kids here to play with. It was so nice to see everyone. A and D sported great Michigan team sports that helped balance out the Ohio atmosphere around here. The kids all played inside until lunch and then E and Big J swam in the baby pool and the boys played all kinds of games and on the swingset. Baby J got to be held by all, through which he mostly slept. Baby J sleeps through most of everything actually. Big J ran around and said "wow" a lot. #1 gave motorcycle rides to Aunt B who loved it, and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.
After everyone left Big J took a long nap. We always enjoy the nights that #1is off and we took a family walk and then put a tired Big J to bed...which is where I am headed as soon as Baby J decides to WAKE UP and eat :o)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Past Week

This past week has been very busy. I can't believe today is Baby J's Due Date! Here is a picture of what he looks like all grown up and 3 weeks old! On Tuesday he weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz...back to birthweight! On Tuesday mommy also got back to pre-pregnancy weight. Well, at least what I weighed when I first found out I was expecting.

This past week has been really busy! My mom and dad came to visit and it was my mom's birthday. We celebrated by going to #1's softball tournament, eating HOBO dinners, and having cake.

On Monday I had a funeral for a friend of mine's husband. It was very sad. They have 3 school age boys. Big J got to stay home with M. and T., and Baby J went with me. He was very nice to sleep quietly the entire time. Very thankful for that. Softball night, Big J entertained all the fans and I'm not sure anyone but me watched the game...I always watch, I keep the book! Big J thinks it is his job to make friends with everyone. This week he gave everyone small gifts of rocks. He does watch the game too, and when the ump yelled "foul ball" Big J yelled it right back at him through the fence.

Tuesday Baby J got weighed, already talked about that...

Wednesday Big J hung out in the pool in the backyard. He loves to put rocks in and out. We did something else that day, but it is slipping my mind.

Thursday Baby J got his first official pictures taken by Sherri Mash. She did beautiful black and whites of Big J and we did similiar ones of Baby J. We'll get to pick up the proofs on July 31. Another softball night. I don't keep book for church league, and I have no idea what happened in that game. That is more of a social event for me, I get to hang out with other moms from church. Big J shared his snack with another little girl...I wish I had had a camera, it was so cute.

Friday I got some GREAT garage sale deals! We woke up to clean the house, company was coming and then I ran out for literally 20 min of garage saleing (is that a word??) a few streets over. I spent $19. I got a tricycle in wonderful shape, Diego knee and elbow pads to wear while riding (although I'm not sure tricycles are super dangerous I thought maybe we'd instill safety consciousness on a bike early on) a wooden clock that is for learning numbers and someday how to tell time, a Dora toy (not a doll, don't worry), these snap together animals I used to have when I was a baby for Baby J, and a new in the box and plastic Diego rescue boat bathtub toy. We are planning on having a bathtub hopefully by Christmas, so that is for Big J. I was so impressed with my deals.

When I got back Bethany (who I babysit her kids) came over with Big M and Little M to see Baby J. Big J was really excited to have some kids here. Big M wanted to hold Baby J (without any help, which I nixed) and tried to be really careful. He was impressed that Baby J had no teeth. He decided Baby J must only eat applesauce and then proceeded to get into the cupboard and find some baby food. We actually had some, but no, Baby J did not get his first sampling of solids today.

After the M&Ms left, Mommy C. came with Boy C. and Girl C.. We had lunch and then Big J and Boy C. played in the baby pool. They get along really well and had a great time. Girl C, Baby J, and #1 napped too.

Tomorrow we are going to the Dayton Air Show...via the Davis' backyard. They have a huge fenced in backyard that we can see most of the airshow from. They also have a air conditioned house for Jack to stay cool in! Lots more fun to come, I'm sure!
Well, I wanted the picture of the pool to be under where I wrote about the pool, but it will only show up at the tippy top of the page. If anyone knows how to put a picture, then write, then put a picture under it and wants to share the mystery, please, help!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On My Own

No picture tonight, sorry. I successfully have completed my first 24 hours on my own! Last night at 6pm #1 left for work and I've had the boys pretty much on my own since. I'll be on my own until tomorrow about noon. We love 12 hour shifts because #1 gets every other weekend off, but it does get hard on my end. He works 6pm-6am, sleeps until about 4pm, and leaves for work about 5:30. There's about an hour and a half he's around, but in that time we eat dinner and he has to get ready for work. It went pretty well today, but I've been cheating and letting Big J watch Baby Einstein videos while I nurse. All together he probably watched 40 minutes of the DVD, 10-15 minutes at a time. I just have to try my best to keep him in the same room as Baby J and I so I know what he is up to. With the help of his trusty stool, Big J can pretty much reach anything in the house that isn't on top of the refrigerator!
Have I blogged about my dishwasher?? Well, in case I haven't I have to tell you it is the best thing EVER installed into my house. I think I'd even give up air conditioning to keep it. I am dreading our next water/electricity bill because I'm pretty sure it is using quite a bit of both, but oh the blessed sound of it swishing all the gunk off our dishes. We got it used from some people I have baby sat for. It is the same dishwasher that we had in the house when I was growing up (not the same unit, the same make/model) so I'm sure it isn't as energy efficient as the new ones, but we love it anyway. Tonight after dinner there were no dishes to wash, so #1 actually got to come outside with use for about 20 minutes between dinner and getting ready for work! Maybe I didn't get an official 24 hours on my own then, huh? Thank you Thank you dad for installing our new dishwasher!!!
Tomorrow Baby J goes to the doctor for his 2 week checkup. Is he 2 weeks old already? For most people that doesn't sound very old, but the time has flown for me. He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz at birth, left the hospital at 6 lbs 8 oz, weighed 6 lbs 9 oz at 4 days, and weighed 6 lbs 9.2 oz at 11 days. He's supposed to be back up to birth weight tomorrow. I'm not going to hold my breath on that unless the hospital scale (from 11 days) is really calibrated differently from my pediatrician's'. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mind Games

Well, here are two cute pictures. Are they taken at the same time? Is one Big J and one Baby J? Are they both Big J? Are they both Baby J? What do you think???

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Of July

Yesterday we celebrated the fourth of July. #1 made a nice "picnic" lunch with hotdogs, watermelon, chips, carrot sticks, and pasta salad. It rained most of the day, but we did go on a short walk in the late afternoon. After supper the Cs brought over some legal fireworks. Big J got to stay up late (which we never do, and were reminded why we don't) to see smoke bombs, throw little poppers, and watch sparklers. The Cs are our next door neighbors. I don't know if I've written about them before or not. We couldn't ask for nicer neighbors than what we have on either side of us or across the street. Anyway, we celebrated with the Cs and had a nice 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Boys

Here are my boys. Big J loves his new brother, and we're trying not to let him love him to death. Today he has tried to pick him up, stick a bink in his eye, accidentally kicked Baby J in the face, and gave him lots of hugs and kisses.
Baby J had his first Dr. appointment today. He now weighs 6 lbs, 8 oz. Dr. Wick said he looks great and all the nurses loved him (and Big J, Big J made sure they noticed him also). One of the nurses said Baby J must scare Big J because his hair is all standing on end. When we left the hospital Baby J had a biliruben level that was ok, but not great. Today Dr. Wick sent us to the Children's Medical Center Outpatient Clinic to get his levels checked again. I'd never been there before, but #1 had taken Big J a couple of times. Luckily for us and our gas mileage, it is less than a block from our Dr.'s office. You can go there instead of Dayton to get labs, x-rays, and other tests done. Now, we have a great Children's hospital, and this branch really held up their reputation. The lady who checked us in was very good with Big J who by this time had been "very good" for over an hour in dr's offices. She also had a new-in-package bink for Baby J to suck on while she got a foot warmer on him (not his favorite). They had great toys there, it was clean, and she gave Big J crayons and paper. Then while we were waiting our turn she brought him a "Cars" car to keep, which of course he loved. The lady who drew Baby J's blood was really helpful too. She explained exactly what she was doing, how to remove the bandaid painlessly later, and how long it would take to get the results. On the way out Baby J got a new hardback book to start his library with. I felt like we'd been to the Disneyland of clinics. No co-pay either! Yipee! His levels came back higher than they were in the hospital, but still ok. We just get him in the sunlight as much as we can.
I don't know why I just wrote all that for everyone to read, probably because it was such an exciting day to get out of the house and in public! I have only been to various doctors and the library (once) since June 1. The Dr. said we shouldn't let Baby J go to church or public buildings until he is a month old :o( but we have her blessing to go to parks, on walks, and other outdoor activities :o) In the end it is up to us, but I guess as a pediatritian she knows about all the germy people and surfaces out there. I'm looking forward to going back to church most of all.