Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yeah Michigan!

Cousins came today! Aunt B. and Katie brought A., D., J., and E. to play today as part of their mini vacation. Big J was thrilled to have kids here to play with. It was so nice to see everyone. A and D sported great Michigan team sports that helped balance out the Ohio atmosphere around here. The kids all played inside until lunch and then E and Big J swam in the baby pool and the boys played all kinds of games and on the swingset. Baby J got to be held by all, through which he mostly slept. Baby J sleeps through most of everything actually. Big J ran around and said "wow" a lot. #1 gave motorcycle rides to Aunt B who loved it, and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.
After everyone left Big J took a long nap. We always enjoy the nights that #1is off and we took a family walk and then put a tired Big J to bed...which is where I am headed as soon as Baby J decides to WAKE UP and eat :o)

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