Friday, July 18, 2008

The Past Week

This past week has been very busy. I can't believe today is Baby J's Due Date! Here is a picture of what he looks like all grown up and 3 weeks old! On Tuesday he weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz...back to birthweight! On Tuesday mommy also got back to pre-pregnancy weight. Well, at least what I weighed when I first found out I was expecting.

This past week has been really busy! My mom and dad came to visit and it was my mom's birthday. We celebrated by going to #1's softball tournament, eating HOBO dinners, and having cake.

On Monday I had a funeral for a friend of mine's husband. It was very sad. They have 3 school age boys. Big J got to stay home with M. and T., and Baby J went with me. He was very nice to sleep quietly the entire time. Very thankful for that. Softball night, Big J entertained all the fans and I'm not sure anyone but me watched the game...I always watch, I keep the book! Big J thinks it is his job to make friends with everyone. This week he gave everyone small gifts of rocks. He does watch the game too, and when the ump yelled "foul ball" Big J yelled it right back at him through the fence.

Tuesday Baby J got weighed, already talked about that...

Wednesday Big J hung out in the pool in the backyard. He loves to put rocks in and out. We did something else that day, but it is slipping my mind.

Thursday Baby J got his first official pictures taken by Sherri Mash. She did beautiful black and whites of Big J and we did similiar ones of Baby J. We'll get to pick up the proofs on July 31. Another softball night. I don't keep book for church league, and I have no idea what happened in that game. That is more of a social event for me, I get to hang out with other moms from church. Big J shared his snack with another little girl...I wish I had had a camera, it was so cute.

Friday I got some GREAT garage sale deals! We woke up to clean the house, company was coming and then I ran out for literally 20 min of garage saleing (is that a word??) a few streets over. I spent $19. I got a tricycle in wonderful shape, Diego knee and elbow pads to wear while riding (although I'm not sure tricycles are super dangerous I thought maybe we'd instill safety consciousness on a bike early on) a wooden clock that is for learning numbers and someday how to tell time, a Dora toy (not a doll, don't worry), these snap together animals I used to have when I was a baby for Baby J, and a new in the box and plastic Diego rescue boat bathtub toy. We are planning on having a bathtub hopefully by Christmas, so that is for Big J. I was so impressed with my deals.

When I got back Bethany (who I babysit her kids) came over with Big M and Little M to see Baby J. Big J was really excited to have some kids here. Big M wanted to hold Baby J (without any help, which I nixed) and tried to be really careful. He was impressed that Baby J had no teeth. He decided Baby J must only eat applesauce and then proceeded to get into the cupboard and find some baby food. We actually had some, but no, Baby J did not get his first sampling of solids today.

After the M&Ms left, Mommy C. came with Boy C. and Girl C.. We had lunch and then Big J and Boy C. played in the baby pool. They get along really well and had a great time. Girl C, Baby J, and #1 napped too.

Tomorrow we are going to the Dayton Air Show...via the Davis' backyard. They have a huge fenced in backyard that we can see most of the airshow from. They also have a air conditioned house for Jack to stay cool in! Lots more fun to come, I'm sure!
Well, I wanted the picture of the pool to be under where I wrote about the pool, but it will only show up at the tippy top of the page. If anyone knows how to put a picture, then write, then put a picture under it and wants to share the mystery, please, help!

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