Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day "Tea"

 Today was the Mother's Day Tea (minus any tea) at Snug's school.  He was so excited for me to come, without any siblings or daycare kids.  He requested that I wear a dress and "jewels".  Cracked me up.

When we arrived the moms all lined up and then were escorted to our tables by our kids.  The tables were decorated with items the kids had made, including a place mat, small wooden flowers he had painted, and a writing he had done.  Snug was delighted that there were dinner mints on the table and proceeded to eat all of his and then "share" mine immediately.  He kept telling me it was nice to have dessert first.

All of the kids went up front and sang some songs for the program they had prepared. Snug was more preoccupied with his tie than his songs, but it was really cute nonetheless.

Snug's writing made me laugh.  The regular print is what the prompt was, the bold is his answer.

My mom is so kind.
I love my mom more than Rosebud.
My mom likes to swim.
My mom cooks the best oatmeal.
My mom likes to watch PBS Kids on TV.
My mom's favorite color is blue.
My mom likes to eat grapes.
My mom likes to eat at McDonald's.
I'd buy my mom a hot dog.

Thank you little Snug for a wonderful day.  Sorry mommy wore nylons, I am just now realizing it looked BAD!  I was cold  :o)


Melissa said...

I think you both look fantastic. What a fun day - I can't wait for next year when I get to do fun school stuff with Jayce!

Liz K said...

he wanted you to wear jewels! ha! Kids are so funny!

Bethie said...
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Bethie said...

you look adorable and i love your hair! *baby mac* is quite the little ham, and growing up SO fast!

fegingerich said...

Okay seriously confession time: I have tears in my eyes! No lie! That writing is sooo stinkin' precious! "I love Momma more than Rosebud?!" Melt my heart and make me laugh all at the same time! LOVE those pre-K minds!!!! You're so blessed! *and you look beautiful, too!

Kim M said...

I just learned so much about you!! Never knew you love to eat at McDonald's!

These are special memories and you will revisit them in years to come!

Fun times and love the pics.

Aunt Kim

Jenilee said...

grapes and mcds... :) I love reading his answers!

And, you look great... don't worry about the nylons. if your cold, your cold! :)

CFMama said...

Hehe, his writing is precious. I'd buy my mom a hotdog. LOL

CM said...

So cute and sweet. That's neat that they have that little program for you. The picture is adorable. I'm sure he totally felt special.

Rebecca said...

Aww love those answers! I'd buy my mom a... (hotdog) is priceless! Some day he'll realize how cute that is.

You're both smashing! What a sweet moment to have with your little guy! Memories to last a lifetime and share with grand-kids some day. Ok, ok, I know hold up, that's rushing things. Glad you had a special Mother's Day gift! Oh the pics are frammers!