Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheap Cheap!

Our family subscribes to "Family Fun" magazine and each month I enjoy getting ideas of things to do with the kids, either now or in the future.  This month a craft caught my eye...I had everything on hand!  I love a fun CHEAP craft.  

I decided to work it into Snug's homeschool, but Little M Man and Little Miss E (I still have Draycare...two kids right now) are also old enough for the project. 
 We have big rolls of what I believe is called butcher block paper.  We've used it for various things, but I like to take a section and tape it to our table to protect it when we paint.  Sometimes we paint the paper and then use it as gift wrap!
 When we paint, we wear paint shirts.  I bought these 2/$5 when I first started Draycare five years ago.  They also double as "park shirts".  When we all go to a park together they often have to wear these over their clothes so I can easily spot everyone on the equipment.  I also save veggie and meat trays (washed of course) for various projects.  Keeps the mess contained and easy clean up.
 We made little chicks out of egg cartons.  The kids painted, I inserted the wire (my gauge was too large...they don't bobble quite right) and then the kids, with my help, hot glued on feet, a beak, and some feathers.
 I took this picture so if I ever get my e-mail back up and running I think I"ll send it into the magazine.  They often show pictures of kids with completed projects.
I think each chic has its own personality  :o)  Cheep Cheep!


Christine said...

We subscribe to that magazine too. :) love the ideas. They turned out really cute, Jenney!!

CM said...

Oh my goodness, they are adorable! You should totally submit them.

PS. I just replied to your email. Hopefully you get it!