Sunday, January 18, 2009

Faircreek Children's Ministry

Today was the day! The day we have been waiting for! If you follow me on Twitter, or look at the right hand side of my blog, I've been tweeting, twittering, me here people...about the progress. TODAY the building was officially opened. God has certainly blessed us. My dad took some pictures today (they are here this weekend to do some more work on the bathroom) and I'll share them here with you. Although the new building is wonderful, we are most looking forward to ministering to children and telling them about God's love for them. We could do that in a cardboard box, but we are so glad God chose to let us do it in this beautiful facility!

Pastor Greg talking about how God is
working in the lives of people at our church. We had about 20 minutes of praise and worship followed by a short message. You are looking at our auditorium/gymnasium. Our nurseries through age 4 were also located in this building.

This is the line of people waiting to go through our old k-5 building(s). It was four modulars hooked together.

This is the inside of one of the modulars. I'm not for sure how many kids we have each week in these buildings, but I don't think 100 would be an overestimate.

Snug standing in the new entrance way for the new building. After the short service in the auditorium and the tour of the old children's facilities, we all walked into the new facility for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I think there are so many windows in the new building because the modulars were cramped and darkish. :O)

Looking from the foyer into the children's rooms. Those of you who went to Cedarville can play a little EYE SPY and spot Mr. Dicuirci, our music minister.

This is a pictureup on the wall in the you see a handsome boy?

Looking at the new foyer.

There are 2 gathering type places in the foyer and this is the wall of one of them...can I take this stuff and put it in my livingroom please?

Baby J and I in the same "gathering area". He was snug as a bug in his sling for the morning.

Other than a terrific shot of the back of my head you can see right into the children's area. On the right is one of the many murals that are so neat. To the right is a playplace and bouncy house and arcade. Straight ahead is the 'Family Theatre' where the k-5 will meet. To the left are the 2 nurseries, 2, 3, and 4 year old rooms and a nursing mom's room (Baby J and I got to use it yesterday when we were helping move in).

Snug and "Bama" (Grandmommy) waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Snug and Pop Pop touring the new building.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony and prayer time, we had more praise and worship in the "Family Theatre". There are walls that pull across to make it all smaller, or it is this big auditorium.

You can't see really well, but this is a shot of all the staff and children's workers together on stage. Probably between 75 and 100 were up there. You can't see me, I'm on the far left on the stairs going onto the stage.

S. and L. belong to my friend Jen. Here they are coming down the bouncy house slide.

Sorry for the red eye, but here is Snug hanging out in the play room. He is sitting in this really cool blue bubble chair from IKEA. We actually saw Pastor Robb and Pastor Aaron there buying lots of the furniture for the new building. We got awesome glass jars with lids for our grains/beans/and pastas...I never even blogged about that great trip to IKEA because it was right as all the problems with Baby J started.
Thanks for taking a minute to share in our joy...we pray that God will use this building to further His kingdom.


Megan said...

That place looks awesome!

Lindsley said...

Looks great! Seems like a major improvement!

Christine said...

Thanks for taking the photo of the photo of baby C... I didn't get to see it yesterday because I was feeding baby C! :) The building is a huge blessing, and I love all of the Bible characters on the walls!!