Friday, January 2, 2009

About Me

I got this idea from Carrie at 4loveoffamily a blog I am quickly becoming a big fan of. They live in a campground for pity's sake. How fun is that?
Anyway, she wrote that it is kinda hard to really describe yourself in an "About Me" section at the top of your blog. I thought I'd try to give some more specifics on mine...a little different route than she took, but still an interesting thing. I mean, who AM I?

I am a born again believerI became a Christian when I was 11, but try to be more like Him daily...I am very far off mark, trustme., avid blog reader I posted about this in December 2008...I read several people's, and even read one from the beginning like you would a novel,cloth diaper user try it, I love it! , chemical-free cleaner maker Ok, truly I am so new in this I can't even make it a true claim to fame, but I do use mostly Melaleuca brand cleaners which are safe and enviro friendly, daycare (Draycare) provider by far my toughest challenge, children's literature lover you should see my bookshelves...floor to ceiling on both sides of our fireplace plus books in the playroom plus books in storage...,healthy food burner (on accident I assure you)my mom and mother-in-law are such good cooks...I feel bad for my poor husbnand, homemade baby food maker my favorite book is "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron, mommy of 2. I call my two boys Snug and Baby J and my wonderful husband #1 to protect their identities. Welcome to my blog! And thanks fror reading!

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