Monday, January 5, 2009

My Husband Did NOT flush Elmo Down The Potty

Ok, here is #1's Not Me. Snug has had a few mishaps in the potty area in the last few days. It could have something to do with the fact that the bathroom was all tore up...that at one point there was no toilet, or that life has just been so, well, exciting he doesn't want to take the time to go. Anyway, he had a 'not urine' in the underwear yesterday and #1 was using the spatula to do the thing that spatula does. After a few minutes my mom and I heard "uh...that's not good" coming from the bathroom. One small pair of Elmo underoos went slip sliding down the toilet into the city sewer system. Goodbye "Melmo".

On a happier note, here is what the tub box has been used for today. Hours of fun were had by all, and when nap time is over, hours of clean up will have to happen because every toy from the upstairs is currently residing in this box.
No paint and no trim yet, but the blue paint I picked is close to this blue, so you can use your imagination :o)

I LOVE our new flooring. I think it is what I am most excited about...and I really thought the tub was what I would be most excited about. Again, no trim or paint...but I will do it ASAP.
So, there is a story behind this...scene. My parents don't normally hang out in my bathroom like this. However, when the toilet went back in, it wouldn't sit flat on the wax ring (if you don't know what I am talking about, hope you never will). SO, I laid on the floor with my hairdryer trying to melt it a bit, and my dad and mom sat like this and eventually the toilet sank back down to where it belonged.
Laying the floor...

Ok, this picture is for my mom, because we both really enjoyed seeing how it looks under the toilet. REALLY gross. This picture also gives you an idea of how bad our flooring was. This was under the carpet (not a good idea with small children in your house) and it was so bad looking and so hard to clean. It always looked dirty because of the holes and glue marks from the carpeting.
Just a cute Baby J picture. Notice how he is gaunt and fatigued looking due to the weight issue...I am still going between worrying about him and his progress to being totally disgusted with the whole thing because I know he feels fine and is eating and that Snug went though the same thing. I need to just not worry at all and give it to God.
This is Baby J smiling because his mommy is making him homemade yogurt for supper! He is saying "my mommy didn't burn it!" if you want to know the truth! I will see how it turns out, and if it does, I will walk all of you out there through how to do it. OR you can buy Ruth Yaron's "Super Baby Food" book and do it yourself with about 100 other things!
I had my mom take this picture for me to show you another way I am using this sling. I like him better on my back, but it is hard to get him up there tight without a spotter. He really likes being up and seeing what is going on.

And last, but not least, here is a video of the tub box being enjoyed by all. It will go out to the recycle next week, but until then, let the good times roll!


Jane Anne said...

Thanks for the reminder that kids love, love, LOVE to play in empty boxes. We have a few right now.
Great list! Your parents are awesome, by the way.

MelArcile said...

I laughed so hard at #1's Not Me! moment!!! Love it!! The bathroom looks great, buy the way. My mom told me that she got the name things for the sippy cups today. Thanks again!

The Alburger Family said...

Ahh tell #1 good job! :-) As to baby J I think he looks great, I wouldn't stress to much over it, he doesn't look gaunt to me. Love the new bathroom!