Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Me Monday

So it is truth time again. All the things I did not do this week. Click the icon above to read what hundreds of other moms did not do.

I did not designate a kitchen spatula to help get what isn't liquid out of diapers.

I did not participate in a conversation in Young Marrieds class today about whether we do Santa at our house or not...and then realize despite the fact that we don't tell our kids there is a Santa and do focus on Jesus' birth, Baby J was wearing a Santa shirt that was not WAY too small in the first place. (The reasoning behind the conversation was that many of us don't do Santa because if kids are told Santa and the Easter Bunny etc. are real, then what is to keep them from thinking Jesus is also a fictional character?) Anyway...we see Santa, we watch the Polar Express...but we do not believe.

I did not cause Snug to wet his pants at the mall. Again, Santa was involved. There was no line so I wanted him to see him up close. At #1's work Christmas party there is a Santa who has the kids sit with him and then gives them each a gift. We thought that maybe if he could walk up to the one at the mall and realize it was just a person in a costume maybe he'd be more willing to take a gift from him and say "thank you" at the appropriate time. Um, not gonna happen. The 'Santa' said hi to Snug and he immediately wet his pants. Aren't I the great mom?

I did not put Baby J to bed for the second night on his mattress pad because I forgot AGAIN to put sheets on his bed.
I did not use the Dora potty seat in the middle of the night because it was left on the toilet and I HAD to go.

I did not burn exactly 3 pans of food this week because I got involved in other projects and forgot I was cooking. I think #1 should have been a firefighter, not a cop.


-stephanie- said...

funny not me's. We have the same reasoning about santa and E.bunny that you have.

Jenney said...

Here is a comment from my mom via the cell phone:
"I read your blog. It made me LAUGH"
I called and asked which part she thought was funny-I mean this is where I say all the BAD stuff I did. She like the potty seat and the spatula...someday I'll think they are funny when I'm NOT scraping diapers :O)