Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Funny Pages

Ok, today's funny isn't about my sons or Draycare kids, it is about #1. While visiting his parents for Thanksgiving, we stopped in at this cute little health foods store and then a missions/fairtrade store called Ten Thousand Villages. I particularly love their hand crafted star garlands made in Indonesia for our Christmas tree. Anyway, we go in and #1 evidently knew the clerk. So I look around and he hangs out by the door with Baby J. After picking up another garland (last year I bought my second one and it still wasn't quite long enough). I proceeded to peek around a bit and then check out with the clerk. I chatted pleasantly with the clerk and then we left. No biggie, right?

Um, not to #1. After we left, he informed me she had been his HS choir teacher...and she had almost flunked him...and his parents had in his words "All but cussed her out". Evidently she didn't like him because he played sports and couldn't read music. It was funny (in case you were wondering why this was so funny) because it is the second time I've just been buddy buddy with someone #1/and or his family doesn't particularly love to pieces. We met a former girlfriend and her mom at the fair one time, I had no idea who they were. They stopped to talk to him and I, thinking they are family friends, accepted an invitation to their horse farm, and in turn invited them to our house should they ever be in Xenia. Needless to say he and this particular girl had not broken up on nice terms, and that was the first time they had met up face to face and not had a way to avoid conversation since the break up.

I guess I don't pick up on the "we are not friends, just being polite" radar. I just chat away with them like we are all spuds. Well, at least I am not weird toward them, huh? :o)

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MELISSA said...

Hahahah awkward! You are just super friendly Jenney! :) Thanks for participating with me. (Make sure you post the link to your funnies in my comments section.) I am still out of town but when I get back I will be in touch about the button for your blog. I'm sure I can come up with something for you.

Faith said...

Jenney, I am laughing to pieces about the choir story!! I vaguely remember the story as I was a choir junky in HS....I didn't know the choir director worked at Ten Thousand Villages (I guess I don't regular the Bluffton stores). Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving in Bluffton! If you guys are near for Christmas, we should all get together! I'd LOVE to meet you and your children!