Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Another Tuesday? Never.

So my mom is here this week so we have a car to use and to see the boys. Our van is not fixed nor have we heard from the collision shop...but the Blazer has a "service engine soon" light on recently, so that is something, right?
Snug is trying the potty (again). Really Mamma and Bama are the ones getting potty trained. We are learning to set a timer a dozen or so times daily and watch carefully for any signs of "potty". Snug doesn't tell us when he has to go, just tells us he has gone (sometimes). However he told Chester our dog today that he had to go and we butted in on the conversation and rushed him in to try. Next step: tell someone who cares. I don't think the dogs need an alias. But should they ever, 'carpet dog' and 'tripod' should suffice.

Here the boys are taking a bath. I think the new tub is needed...soon. It is scheduled for December so if the boys just quit growing we'll be fine! For those of you who have never been here/don't even know us just stalk our blog we have no tub. We just have a huge stall shower. We are saving to pay for the bathroom remodel with cash-yeah FPU! Monday's Financial Peace University was about how to do mutual funds...I have to admit I was zoning a bit. Being on the "Getting Out Of Debt" step makes the "Get Mutual Funds" step look VERY far away!

But we will do it! We will do every step! Here is Snug in next year's Halloween costume. It was sold three weeks ago for $16.88 and I got it today for $1.68. Not the cheapest costume I've gotten for him, but close. His Mickey Mouse costume last year was only $1.09. Oh well, win some, lose some I guess :oP

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MelArcile said...

Even though Jayce is really too big for the "baby tub", we still use it too! I figure I'm saving on water used and he doesn't slide around the big tub. Loving your blog!!