Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Because our last name is on our blog and because people are not so honest these days, I've taken my kids' and my husband's names off this blog.
Baby J and I went to vote today before his 4 month checkup. We had two choices. One: wait in line for 30minutes-1hour and vote electronically. Two: wait 2 seconds and do a paper ballot. Um, that took not too long to decide. I did ask the lovely lady waiting on me if the paper one would still be counted, and she looked at me like I was nuts (well, it seems like a lot of work to count paper ballots, I mean I only had to vote for like 590 things -I'm sure someone was really thrilled to sit in the back or wherever and count all the paper ballots when there were computers who could be doing the same thing). So paper ballot it was and I was outta there-I had to kinda laugh because I saw many other moms in line with cranky children hanging from their pant legs who were waiting to vote electronically. Obviously they had more of a heart for the paper counters than I.
Baby J is now 14 lbs 13 oz. Our pediatrician was happy with our decision (as it stands for now) to use cloth diapers. Usually when I do something outta the norm with my kids I brace for the negative comments, but she was really supportive and said she thinks it is a good choice! On the way home I got a box of baby cereal to start Baby J on and a Dora potty seat to put on our toilet for Snug.

Snug thinks he need to supervise this new activity for Baby J.

#1 giving the first bite.
Mom! Where has this stuff been? This is great! Snug, let go of me! You've had your turn with this stuff. YUMMMMYYYYY

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Gary said...

That is one cute baby!