Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

I think it is one of those days. Our friend M.I. let us borrow her van for the week so we could get everyone to school and back. (I may come up for clever nick names for everyone...all these initials drive me crazy) As if hitting the deer with my OWN van wasn't enough, today HER van got a flat tire while I was dropping kids off for school. Seriously. This is not my week. Back when we got the freak Ohio hurricane my neighbor lost her roof. Of course the week that I'm borrowing a car is when they came to fix it and leave nails in the street.
So I'm in a hurry to drop off R. and M. at school trying to get home because #1 had a bad night at work and is watching four kids at our house who were all crying when I left. This sweet little guy comes up to the van and tells me I have a flat tire. Sure enough I do. We have AAA roadside so I called them up. They ask all these questions about the van, which of course I don't know. The lady wanted to know if I had a spare tire. I didn't see one in the back, so I had to lay on the ground and look underneath. Then she wants to know what street I'm on. I worked at that school a few years back, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what the street was called. So, I'm trucking along down the street looking for a sign (with the lady on the phone asking me yet MORE questions about the van that I have no idea how to answer) and as I get down to where I can see the street sign there's a cop car parked. Of course its one of #1's buddies watching this whole episode. Being a good sport he got out and helped me, but I know #1 will hear about it tonight.
Got the tire fixed, got home, and I thought I was going to pass out when I hit the door. It smelled SO BAD. Guess everyone had their diaper at the same time today. I love when the kids synchronize.
We made it (don't know how) to the library for story time. As we walk in a bit late I notice that M.'s shoes are on the wrong feet, Snug hasn't had his hair brushed in two days, I forgot to brush my own teeth, and E. has breakfast ALL over her face. Nice. As I looked around I noticed all the toddlers looked in about the same shape. I think we all belong together...and I think the poor librarian might have needed an Advil after we all left.
Can't wait to see what will happen this afternoon!

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Megan said...

I hope your day gets better! It is hard enough to have trouble with your own car, but borrowing one and having trouble with that one is a real bummer!