Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ride Along

Last night I got to go on a ride along with #1. It was really a lot of fun in the beginning and then really a lot of boring at the end. My mom was here this week to help us out with our car situation (more on that later) and she took the boys for the night so I could go to work with #1. The nice thing about him working right here in town is that when Baby J needed to eat, I could just come home and feed him.
So it started out with a domestic complaint that was interesting, and then we went to serve a summons, and then we had to do this crazy thing with a house key/work key mix-up. I mean, this was BIG stuff :o) Ok, so it wasn't, but I liked it. Then we rode around for almost 2 hours and did NOTHING. About the 3rd time I found that I had nodded off I asked to be taken back home. I'd rather sleep in my own bed than a cop car. Of course after dropping me off he got to go lights and sirens and make 2 arrests. Oh well. (We did not tell Snug that mommy was driving around in daddy's 'woo')

And this is what I found when I got home. I guess if you are tired, you'll sleep anywhere! All that potty training will really wear you out. (Oh and 3 cheers for Bama helping out with potty training. I think it is the worst)
Sooooo I call about the van. The lady at the desk put me on hold and then returned to tell me that someone thought it would be ready to get back yesterday...but that they couldn't seem to locate it. Um.....locate it? The repair shop has like 3 bay areas and a parking lot that is smaller than the one at our local drug store. I was supposed to get a call back, but never heard from them. Hmmmmmmmmmm
I missed the Friday Funny Pages this week...I"ll try again next week...I'm sure more funnies will happen, they usually do!

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Megan said...

That is pretty cool that you got to ride along! Grandmas are great! That pic is cute too.