Saturday, November 8, 2008


Snug got some pictures the other day, and today was Baby J's turn. I've been trying to work with my camera and get it to do what it is supposed to do (it supposedly can do really cool stuff)...the camera is smarter than I am. Do you like his thirsties? They are great diaper covers if anyone is interested in using them.
Someone asked me the other day when on earth I have time to blog while running Draycare and my house along with my other nightly activities. I think we all make time for things...some people read, some watch TV, etc. I write on here. It's theraputic actually. There isn't much on TV anyway (ok, I'll be honest, COPS is on right now and I do have it on...I mean what better show for me to watch so I don't worry about #1 at work!). Blogging just helps me have a cheerier outlook on my day. I mean, now when the Blazer's interior lights won't turn off no matter what we do or when Snug breaks the toilet or when I look up while trying to nurse in the middle of the mall and see my 2 year old has no pants on I can just think to myself "Well, I guess I have something to write about" instead of "I might just lose my mind now".
How was your day?


Erin Morgan said...

I love the photos of the kids!!

Erin Morgan said...

And LOVE the new opening photo!! Very fun!

Jenney said...

Thanks Erin. The opening photo was pure accident...I wish I could figure out what I did besides arrange Carter's blocks!

MelArcile said...

I love that "snug" took off his pants in the mall!!! I'm terrified that Jayce is learning to dress/undress himself from his pj's - I figure it's only downhill from here... :o)
Cute pictures too!

Jenney said...

Well, I should have clarified the pants thing. He had on overalls, and he unsnapped them all down the legs and then held the strips so everyone could admire his new diaper cover I guess. When he put the pants down it looked like he was wearing a jean jumper!