Sunday, November 30, 2008

Putting Up Our Tree

Snug helped me put up our tree. He has gotten really excited seeing Christmas lights up on people's houses. When we see ones that blink he yells, "Ta Da!" This picture just makes me smile.

Baby J loves to lay under the tree and look up at the lights.

I started the ornaments while the boys were sleeping and got the breakable ones up. Most of them aren't breakable because our tree has mostly handmade or look like handmade ornaments. When I first lived in my little apartment I didn't have any ornaments for my tree so I made them all. I had dried apples and orange slices, popcorn and cranberry strung, paper snowflakes, wooden spools with buttons and rick rack, santas made out of cinnamon sticks, and felt ornaments I sewed. Now a days we've added store bought tin and wooden ornaments along with our handmade (not by me) paper star garland and small stuffed animal ornaments. My mom has given us several ornaments that look really nice there too.
We have the small tree that was in our apartment in the basement and the Draycare kids will get to put it up tomorrow. That tree has some kid-friendly ornaments, ornaments that don't necessarily go with our main tree, and some kid-made ornaments kids gave me when I was teaching.

So Snug loved helping to decorate....

...and here are the 10 ornaments he hung. They are very snuggly in one spot.

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