Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Funny Pages

My friend from college started Friday Funny Pages, a way to share the funny things your kids have said for the week. After you post, you direct it back to her post...or something...not that far yet. Hey, I'm lucky I figured out how to get the image on!

Well, I have to go back a couple weeks for my first funny. R learned at preschool that Jesus died on the cross for her. Here at Draycare we're not as religious (ok, we do devotions daily, but hear me out) and we discuss things like walking in the cross walk and looking both ways before we cross the street. So, R went home and told her mom "Jesus died in the crosswalk. He should have been more careful with the cars." Yikes. Not sure if this is actually funny since we want her to know Jesus as her Savior, but it is kinda funny because she is four.

Here is Snug's for the week. Yesterday against my better judgement I let him play outside in the leaves with our neighbor kids. It was 75 and sunny and I'd already kept him in all week (his allergies are awful right now). I got some great pics, and he had a ton of fun. Everyone was running around playing hide-and-seek. When he was the seeker, James would cover his mouth and count "two, four, six, four here I tum duys!" Then he'd run like crazy.

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MELISSA said...

Thanks for joining in my fun Jenney, haha! I am proud to be your only follower...or at least the only one to admit it publically (sorry to say I am not visiting 20 times a day hahaha)...and no one has yet to admit they follow mine anyways! Great stories!