Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eye Spy

Do your kids own an I Spy book? Did you love Where's Waldo? as a kid? Ever look at those Look Alike books? Well, Snug loves his I Spy book you see below, and after 'Bama' (Grandmommy) sent a new copy I got the idea to do something for the kids. Twice a month (either a Wednesday or Saturday most likely) I am going to try to post an Eye Spy (so as not to infringe on copyrights) blog. I gotta have something to do in between "Not Me Monday" and "Funny Pages Friday". This one is kinda easy...I'm just getting started. Grab your we go!
**update-want to see more EYE SPY? Click on the EYE SPY label on my sidebar and it will take you directly to all of my links.

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Eye Spy a little turkey guy...

And a small car that's yellow...

And a scary spider fellow!
Here's what else is in my box:
1. A stop sign
2. A basketball
3. A pair of scissors
4. Rick rack
5. Mrs. Turkey
6. Red felt flower
7. A button
8. Fall leaf
9. Skeleton Key
10. Rubber band
11. Indian corn
12. Paint set
13. Coaster (from Africa, thanks Aunt Jane)
14. Cookie cutter
15. Wooden man

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