Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Thankful For...

Tonight on the way home from Financial Peace University I started to think of all the things I am really thankful for this year. I think it started when I got to church and the electricity was out. It took me back to our week without power and I am so thankful we live in a country where we usually have electricity. My Aunt lives in Africa, and this is not the case.
I was also thanksful to have OUR VAN BACK! Plus, as an added blessing the repair cost was $100 less than they told us it would be.
I am so thankful for my family. My husband does so much for us and helps me so much around the house. I complain on him sometimes, but I seriously have the best husband out there...sorry ladies.
I am SOOOO thankful Snug is doing well with the potty. He woke me up last night in the middle of the night to go-WHAT? Yeah, I was amazed too.
I am thankful for all the people who helped us out while our van was out of commission. Without all of you we couldn't have run Draycare and my poor husband would have been walking to work a lot more than he did.
I am thankful for the families who entrust their children to me each and everyday. Their checks have helped put food on our table, gas in our car(s), and our strive to be debt free (seriously, it will be a party post when that happens).
I am thankful for sweet potatoes on sale for $0.31/lb so that I could make 5 trays of baby food for $1.32 yesterday.
I am thankful for the people who do not yet have Christmas lights lit on their houses...I didn't say up I said lit. Seriously people, take advantage of nice weather and get those beauties up, but PLEASE can we just be THANKFUL for what we have before we rush into a season of getting more???
Sorry if I have offended anyone with the last statement. It just made me a teeny bit queasy to see Christmas trees up in stores alongside of those ridiculous skeletons that sing and jiggle.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family who read this, and to those of you who I don't know who also read. (not sure how many of you are out there, but my counter says more than I know of are reading)
The Drays

P.S. Janelle-this is for you. My dear aunt was with us today and took the kids while I went to FPU. Snug was nice enough to use the potty for her, but he sprayed the ENTIRE bathroom in the process-be glad you have a girl!


Donna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Jenney! I remember you well, and I enjoyed working with your Mom. You have two beautiful children! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Janelle said...

you made me smile... i am thankful for a girl but if she never goes in the potty it wont matter (ha) hope u have a wonderful thanksgiving... i support you on the michigan game, next yr i refuse to lose... 5 yrs in a row is a little much~