Friday, November 21, 2008

Not So Funny Friday UPDATED

I do have a couple of cute things the kids have said this week to post for my "Friday Funny Page" but overall it has not been a very funny Friday.
We saw our van finally. Last night we got the call that we could pick it up from the collision shop-you know what, I'll even post the name of the shop. We'll be putting in a call to the BBB and telling most everyone we know NOT to be using the shop. HIDY Collision is really not our favorite spot right now.
Anyway when I got into the freshly vacuumed van (which did smell so nice by the way, and there was not a trace of cheerio or raisin to be seen) and turned it on the 'check engine' light was on. Of course it was. There had been NO check engine light on when I dropped it off 18 days earlier. So we all trooped in to see the secretary who, by the way, doesn't like us at all. I mean, we called and checked the status on the van after 14 days...and then after being told they couldn't find the van (what????) and they'd call back and not hearing from them for another 3 days we called back. Man, are we annoying or what?
We were told the engine light had nothing to do with them and we'd have to take it to the Chrysler dealership to get a diagnostic. So off to the shop I went this morning after school drop offs. There, after an $80 fee we find out part of the transmission is broken and they are just sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I had hit a deer or that the HIDY people had driven the van 50 miles while they had it. So we pay the whole kit and caboodle-including the repair cost, whatever that will end up at. Seriously, not a funny Friday.

On a lighter less bitter note, here are a couple of cute things from the week:

M: I want a snack Jenney
Me: Ok, do you want a tangerine, some pear, or some almonds?
M: Um, I not hungry anymore, I NOT.
(when asked what he had been wanting, the answer was 'cookies', no)

I was a tel-marketer this week for my friend who is having a Creative Memories open house. I made my calls while the Draycare kids were taking naps. R woke up and heard me make my final three or four.
R: Jenney, what are you doing?
Me: Making reminder phone calls
R: Oh
Me: I should have you make some of the calls for me
R: I can't, I don't know any phone numbers!

And a phrase I just LOVE LOVE LOVE is "I DEEEEED EEEEET" which means there was success in the potty room! Snug was dry (except naps) ALL DAY YESTERDAY! And today he has told me two times when he needs to go! YEAH FOR US.

*#1 just got off the phone and because our insurance people didn't call the dealership in time to tell them their verdict on whether or not they'd be helping pay for this new development so, it will be Monday at the earliest that we will get our van back. Ironically, before the whole incident happened, Monday was the day we were going to pay off the van and be completely debt free. Not sure what God is trying to teach me...looking for ways I've been taught...#1 is walking to work...again.

Well, I think I know what God is teaching me. Although I am really frustrated getting 6 kids, 5 of whom require carseats around using a 3 seat (and only 2 carseats fit) vehicle that has no heat in this 30 deg weather, I am still blessed more than I remember. I read several blogs from other people and today I read of chemo therapy and just being glad she still had eyelashes, and about the loss a family member. Who am I to complain about a month without transportation? I am so glad my children are healthy, my husband has a job, and we know the Lord.

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