Saturday, November 22, 2008


The OSU MICHIGAN game is a holiday at our house. #1 takes the day off of work, we eat hot wings, and watch the game. Snug used to have to change clothes at halftime, but now that we have two boys, they will each be assigned a team and dress accordingly.

I'm not sure if C had more fun watching OSU trounce MICHIGAN or playing with the boys.
We love this game! Snug was so funny, he kept yelling "go Michigan!" even if OSU was running the ball. I'm training him well.

What? Michigan lost? Now I am bummed.
Congratulations to I have endured 5 years in a row of loss and humiliation on this most dividing of Dray holidays.

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MelArcile said...

Oh Snug - I understand... It's been a disappointing season. Hopefully next year will go much better for us Michigan fans (although, I must admit, to my own shame, that I am sitting here wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt because it is warm and cuddly). Loving all your posting. I can't wait to get the "The Drays Today" everyday!